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DeSantis refrains from criticising Trump, calls for end to criminalising political differences


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. AFP/File
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. AFP/File

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is making efforts to breathe new life into his presidential campaign while grappling with former President Donald Trump’s legal troubles. 

In a recent interview with CNN, DeSantis discussed his concerns about potential charges against Trump related to the January 6 attack on Congress. He expressed that such charges would not be good for the country but emphasised the need to focus on moving forward.

DeSantis had planned to make a significant policy announcement about combating “wokeness” in the military during the interview, but it was overshadowed by breaking news about Trump’s expected third indictment as part of a federal probe into his attempts to overturn the 2020 election. Trump already faces multiple criminal charges, including hush-money payments and mishandling classified information.

During the interview, DeSantis refrained from attacking Trump, despite facing criticism for not taking a stronger stance against him. He said, “This country is going down the road of criminalising political differences, and I think that’s wrong.” He also focused on Trump’s state-level indictment in New York and expressed his desire to restore a single standard of justice and end the weaponisation of federal agencies as president.

Despite trying to reset his campaign and present himself as a viable alternative to Trump, DeSantis faces challenges in gaining ground against the former president. Trump maintains a significant lead in polling for the Republican presidential primary, while DeSantis reportedly experiences fundraising difficulties and staff changes.

DeSantis has been primarily granting interviews to right-wing media outlets, leading to allegations that he avoids engaging with journalists outside of his conservative media bubble. However, he stressed the need for a broader debate about the country’s future and a focus on President Joe Biden’s shortcomings.

In the midst of DeSantis’s attempts to reinvigorate his campaign, Trump’s legal woes continue to dominate the news cycle, hindering DeSantis’s efforts to gain traction on the campaign trail.

Despite Trump’s team downplaying DeSantis’s interview, the Florida governor remains committed to forging ahead and articulating a positive vision for the future, rather than dwelling on past events. As the race for the presidency intensifies, DeSantis’s ability to navigate Trump’s legal distractions and present his vision for the country will be crucial in determining his campaign’s success.


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