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Two Russian military ships were hit in night raids in Crimea, Ukraine says

Two Russian military ships were hit in night raids in Crimea, Ukraine says

Russia has also resumed its attacks on Kiev. (Representative)


Ukraine claimed on Sunday it had attacked two Russian military ships stationed on the annexed Crimean peninsula in nighttime attacks, while suffering another night of “massive” Russian airstrikes.

Poland, an ally and neighbor of Ukraine, said a Russian cruise missile heading toward western Ukraine entered its airspace overnight after Ukraine put its forces on high alert because of intense Russian aviation activity.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine successfully attacked the Yamal and Azov amphibious landing ships, a communications center and a number of infrastructure sites of the Black Sea Fleet,” the Strategic Communications Center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said on Sunday.

Moscow-based officials on the peninsula, which Russia captured in 2014, said its forces repelled a major Ukrainian airstrike late Saturday evening.

“It was the most massive attack in recent times,” Russian-appointed Sevastopol Governor Mikhail Razvoshayev said in a Telegram post.

He said a 65-year-old man was killed and four people were injured. He did not mention damage to Russian warships.

Footage shared on social media showed a large explosion in the city that sent a fireball and a cloud of black smoke into the air, as well as what appeared to be Russian anti-aircraft missiles intercepting incoming projectiles.

Ukraine has claimed to have destroyed around a third of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet since the start of the war, mostly in nighttime attacks with sea-based drones loaded with explosives.

Satellite images show that amid the wave of attacks, Russia has moved much of its fleet further east, to the port of Novorossiysk.

Moscow also recently replaced its naval chief.

“The goal is to destroy Kiev”

The Ukrainian capital Kiev and the western region of Lviv were also subject to a “massive” Russian airstrike early Sunday, officials said, but no injuries were reported.

According to the Ukrainian Air Force, Russia fired 29 cruise missiles and 28 drones into its territory overnight.

It said 18 missiles and 25 drones were shot down.

Russia has significantly increased its airstrikes against Ukraine in recent days, in what it says is retaliation for a wave of Ukrainian attacks on its border regions.

In the early hours of Friday, Moscow launched its largest airstrikes on Ukraine’s energy sector since the war began, firing nearly 90 missiles and 60 drones.

Russia has also resumed its attacks on Kiev, carrying out its first attacks on the city since early February.

Russia “is not giving up its goal of destroying Kiev at any cost,” Sergiy Popko, head of the city’s military administration, said on Telegram.

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Sunday it had launched a “group strike” against Ukrainian military and energy targets overnight.

“All objectives of the attack were achieved,” it said, claiming it had hit weapons factories.

Violation of Polish airspace

The US Ambassador to Ukraine, Bridget Brink, also noted the increasing frequency of recent attacks.

“Russia continues to indiscriminately launch drones and missiles without regard for millions of civilians, thereby violating international law,” Brink wrote on X.

The Polish army said on Sunday that one of the Russian missiles fired at western Ukraine had entered its airspace.

“Polish airspace was breached by one of the cruise missiles fired during the night by the Air Force of the Russian Federation,” the army posted on X.

“The object flew through Polish airspace over the village of Ozerdow (Lublin province) and stayed there for 39 seconds,” it said.

The country’s Armed Forces Operations Command (RSZ) had previously said its forces were in a heightened state of readiness due to the Russian Federation’s “intense long-range aviation activities tonight” and missile attacks in Ukraine.

Poland, which has been a staunch ally of its neighbor Ukraine since Russia invaded in February 2022, said on Sunday it would demand an explanation from Moscow.

Territorial gains

On the battlefield, Russian forces are trying to exploit their advantage in manpower and ammunition as Kiev faces delays in providing additional Western aid.

Moscow claimed on Saturday to have captured a village on the western outskirts of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine.

Last month’s capture of Advivka, near the Russian fortress of Donetsk, was Russia’s first major territorial gain since the capture of the destroyed city of Bakhmut 10 months ago.

Russian President Vladimir Putin hailed this success as a sign that Russian armed forces were back on the offensive.

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