Olympian Shane Rose on his horror days since a shocking fall

Three-time Olympic equestrian medalist Shane Rose has spoken about the dark days following a shocking riding accident.

The 50-year-old, who had just qualified for his fourth Olympics earlier this month, has no memory of the March 14 crash that left him in hospital with horrific injuries.

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Rose woke up in the intensive care unit and learned that he had broken his femur, had “three or four fractures” in his pelvis, “six or eight” broken ribs, a broken elbow and a severe concussion that caused memory loss.

“He wasn’t quite sure who he was or where he was or what year it was or what date it happened,” said his wife and fellow rider Niki Rose A current matter On Monday.

Immediately after his recovery, Rose quickly asked what had happened and how long there was until the Paris Games in July.

However, he has very little memory of the day itself.

“I don’t remember much,” he told the Channel 9 show. “I still remember riding the horses in the morning, but not that anything too exciting happened.

“Apparently I rode four of my more experienced horses and don’t remember jumping any of them or how that happened.

“The ride in the ambulance, the way to the hospital, the conversations with the doctors, nothing.”

There were two witnesses who heard the accident and believed that the horse he was riding named Bandit made a jump and, given his injuries, must have fallen on him

“Two people heard it because he hit the jump pretty hard,” Niki said. “And one of the girls looked that way and saw the horse coming back and the horse was fine.”

It all happened almost exactly a month after Rose briefly resigned following a formal complaint about his decision to wear a Borat-style mankini at a costume event.

That was stressful enough as it jeopardized his Olympic participation before he was cleared, but the New South Wales Welshman said it obviously paled in comparison to his current plight.

“A little bit of fun, a little bit of fun and I think that’s me a little bit,” he said of the Mankini incident. “My nature is to enjoy life.

“I certainly felt fewer consequences, although there was certainly potential impact at the time.

“But certainly in the first few days I was in hospital, when I was pretty average, I had some pretty negative thoughts.

“Because I couldn’t escape the situation and the pain and the frustration of not being able to sleep, I couldn’t turn around. I tried to get the nurse to help me lay on my side and it was unbearable.

“I just collapsed. But it was good, I showered the next morning which was great. It’s amazing, a little shower can make you feel so much better.

“I was racking my brain a bit, but I had a quick chat with Niki and sorted it out. It actually felt a lot better afterwards.”

When asked if he would be afraid of driving again, Rose replied: “I don’t think so. I don’t remember it, so I don’t think I’ll be afraid of it.”

Rose won silver medals at the Beijing and Tokyo Olympics and a bronze medal in Rio in 2016.

He remains hopeful that he will recover in time to represent Australia at the fourth Games.

When reminded of the medals he had won so far, his wife joked, “There’s one more missing,” since he had yet to win an Olympic gold.

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