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Deaths and explosions reported at Kerch Bridge


The bridge linking the Russian mainland to Russian-occupied Crimea has been rocked by blasts.

Traffic along the Russian-built bridge that links the Crimea and the Krasnodar region was halted after an “emergency”, officials and state media confirmed on Monday.

The bridge to Crimea, which Moscow annexed in 2014, serves as a vital link for transporting supplies to Russian soldiers in Ukraine.

“Traffic was stopped on the Crimean bridge: an emergency occurred in the area of the 145th pillar from the Krasnodar Territory,” Russia-installed governor of Crimea Sergei Aksyonov wrote on Telegram.

Two people from Belgorod region died and a child received “moderate” injuries, Aksyonov stated after the early-morning blast.

“We all saw on the video on the Internet a damaged car with Belgorod license plates. What information is available at the moment: a girl was injured, moderately injured, she is already under the supervision of doctors…. the gravest thing is that her parents died,” Aksyonov wrote.

Both road and rail transport has been halted.

It’s understood a support pillar and one span “collapsed” following the explosions.

Russian state media TASS confirmed there was an emergency in the area of the 145th support of the bridge.

Aksyonov advised residents and tourists to use an alternative land routes.

“Given the current situation, I ask residents and guests of the peninsula to refrain from traveling through the Crimean bridge and, for security reasons, choose an alternative land route through new regions,” he said in a statement.

The bridge cost about $5.7 billion to build and is the main link between Russia and Crimea. It is crucial for Russia’s military logistics as it continues the invasion of Ukraine.

The bridge was attacked in October last year, killing three people. It’s thought a truck bomb was used in that attack.


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