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Home of the Year Episode 7: Did we just see the winner of next week’s finale?

The RTÉ show pays sparing attention to the energy-saving features of Alex and Eugene’s house, while the judges themselves look like they’ve been renovated

This week’s winner was a small brick terraced house in Dublin where Eugene and his adult son Alex lived. An absolutely beautiful house that has been extended (gently extended as they say). Home of the year). It had a split living room and a large wooden screen between the kitchen and living area. Sara was impressed: “I thought the kitchen was a real masterpiece.” As far as I know, she has never said “tour de force.”

The front garden had been opened up – but in a good way – and imaginatively planted. The reason for this was that Eugene wanted a place to charge an electric car, according to the press release. In the preview version of the show I saw, there was no mention of this clever plan, and the judges simply marched to the front door and whistled as usual.

Eugene – who previously worked as a pilot – also wanted a sustainable and well-insulated home, according to the press release. But even in the version I saw, there was no reference to this, nor to the solar panels mentioned in the press release. Not until the camera looked out the masterful kitchen window into the small backyard – or patio as we call it Home of the year – that I thought I saw a heat pump. “Isn’t that a heat pump?” I didn’t tell anyone in particular. Hugh stood in front of it, perhaps to cover it up.

We’re all for pared-down programs that just give you the facts and don’t fool around. Home of the year is admirably economical; The tours through three houses are carried out at breakneck speed. And we must recognize that the Irish public as a whole does not like to be reminded of the climate crisis or our staggering energy bills. But surely one of the reasons for this is that conservation sounds complicated and expensive. We also believe that we all live in homes that are too old and cumbersome to handle all this new energy saving technology.

So it would be nice for all of us, as we shiver in front of our fires and radiators, to see how Eugene did it. Yet not a single word about it. A quick mention from Alex about how it’s always warm when you come into the house: always warm, how the hell does that feel? And a quick mention from Eugene about its state-of-the-art ventilation system that ensures the air is always fresh. But otherwise not a fat bird. It’s really strange. And I think Eugene and Alex’s house could win the finale next week.

Kevin Coughlan and Elaine Mackenzie-Smith with their three children outside their 300-year-old cottage in Wicklow for RTÉ’s House of the Year awards

Meanwhile, the jury here may have been slightly renewed in the seventh week. Sara looks amazing – she might have had a haircut. And Amanda wears her hair both up and in an asymmetrical ponytail, which takes quite a bit of effort. These changes in style were evident in house one, an old cottage in Co. Wicklow with a truly huge extension. Elaine is an interior designer and Kevin is an architect – with such qualifications should they even be allowed to take part in the program?

There have been other couples with similar backgrounds and one can’t help but feel that the day of reckoning is near Home of the year There will be a controversy between professionals and amateurs, similar to the rumors surrounding Layton Williams’ pro status at this year’s event Strictly. This absolutely huge house was full of pretty details – and there was lots of pink – but Amanda didn’t like the “lack of continuity” between the old cottage and the new extension.

Peter and Olivia Phillips with their three girls outside their eclectic self-build in Co Louth for RTÉ’s House of the Year

Then on to a “homemade” one, this one is 20 years old and stands in a field in Co. Louth. Olivia said, “I don’t think Amanda’s going to be thrilled with all this stuff everywhere.” And that’s how it happened. Olivia had even wallpapered the washing machine (it looked much better), and she and her husband Peter won the nation’s hearts by having a large portrait of Clint Eastwood – I’m sure it was him – hanging in their hallway.

Amanda should remember that if you’re looking out over the Irish countryside in the rain, you’ll need all the soft furnishings and paint you can get your hands on. Although Olivia loved looking at it because it offered a view of her late father’s land.

So things are largely the same this week as they were last week and the five weeks before that. Eugene and Alex’s house won, and Hugh remains the only grown man on television who can say “Come on, girls” and get away with it.

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