Bill Maher defends himself against Joe Rogan: Trump is a “crazy, stupid criminal”

Bill Maher and Joe Rogan, meanwhile, agreed on at least one thing realtime The host’s latest visit to Rogan’s hugely popular podcast. They both seemed to agree that Joe Biden is a lackluster president, may be “mentally impaired” and that his years of dealings with his son Hunter look rather shady.

But when Rogan attempted to portray Biden’s credibility as on par with former president and current GOP primary nominee Donald Trump, Maher vehemently fought back — something Rogan’s fans say the Spotify podcast king’s guests are hardly comfortable with these days , especially other comedians who benefit tremendously from appearances on his show.

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Here’s a lightly edited summary of their debate on the subject, taken from Saturday’s episode of The Joe Rogan experience (There is also a video clip with some parts of this exchange below).

“My biggest problem is [Biden] “It lies a lot,” Rogan said.

“Well, certainly no more than Trump,” Maher countered.

“They both lie. I don’t think you compare [Biden] Saying Trump does someone a favor.”

“They’re competing against each other, so it’s necessary,” Maher replies.

“…He’s mentally handicapped…”

“As if the other guy wasn’t!”

“He speaks much more clearly,” Rogan replied. “He might be crazy. He could be a sociopath. That still doesn’t change the fact that there’s something wrong with Biden. He invents words. He stumbles through things. He doesn’t seem to know where he is most of the time. That’s my problem with him.”

“We live in a world where ‘perfect’ isn’t on the menu,” Maher said. “These are the possibilities…”

The two then fell out over which candidate appeared to be healthier, with Maher admitting that Trump “looks and sounds a lot more beefy and robust.” He’s an urban cockroach. The worse he eats, the stronger he gets. You can’t kill him.”

“He’s the only one too [president] who haven’t aged noticeably,” Rogan pointed out.

“NO, We made‘ Maher replied, making Rogan laugh. “But he’s a criminal and he’s crazy and he’s stupid. And crazy and stupid are two different things… Stupid is “Frederick Douglass is alive” or “The stealth bomber is literally invisible.” the first two weeks of my presidency, despite photographic evidence to the contrary.” Or: “I will steal these documents, place them by the toilet in Mar-a-Lago, and fight you to take them back.” Or, ” I don’t admit the choice.” That’s crazy…he’s a criminal too.”

At this point, they begin discussing Trump’s 91 criminal charges, including some that Rogan appeared unaware of, such as Trump being secretly accused Organization of a fake electoral roll in seven contested states to falsely sign deeds showing he won the election (while also accusing Biden of stealing the election instead).

“He tried to steal this election in every way he could,” Maher pointed out. “He tried to enforce it in court. He has attempted to achieve this through the legislature. He tried intimidating Mike Pence. He tried to reach it through the Justice Department. They talked about confiscating voting machines! They talked about using the army! Can’t really believe this guy isn’t worse than Joe Biden. I agree – Joe Biden is not a great president. And the Hunter Biden thing is a stinking scandal that stinks to high heaven. But if you think it’s comparable to what Trump was trying to do, then you just can’t tell the difference.”

“Do you think he? Really thinks they stole the election?” Rogan wondered. “Or do you think he’s messing around?”

“Who cares? It doesn’t matter… everyone around him told him he lost. And one of his quotes that they have on file was, ‘I don’t want people to know that I lost this election.’”

“It’s kind of crazy,” Rogan admitted.

“He’s a clinical case of malignant narcissism,” Maher added. “It’s not a quirk. It’s actually in the big book of madmen. It affects everything he thinks and does. That is, why [authoritarian leaders] could fawn on him – they kissed his ass and got what they wanted. I find [Russian President Vladimir] Putin had it when he said, “I think Trump is a brilliant man.” [Trump’s] a dangerous guy. Again, Biden isn’t my first choice — not my 100th choice — but the other guy is a crazy, stupid criminal.”

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