The Broncos have completed a “complete redesign” of their uniforms and are set to be unveiled in the coming weeks

ORLANDO, Fla. – The Broncos’ new uniforms are finally here.

After a process that took more than a year and included input from employees, owners, fans, Nike and Denver players, team president Damani Leech announced Monday morning that the Broncos have a “complete jersey redesign” coming soon to be revealed weeks.

Same colors and same logo, but a completely new design” Leech said here during the NFL’s spring meetings.

The club began working with the NFL on the official process in January 2023, which included a trip to Nike, a survey that garnered more than 10,000 responses from fans and more.

“Part of the process was talking about what was important to the Broncos. What’s important to Broncos fans? We want to evolve and be new and different, but also respect our history and traditions. If we understand our surroundings from a geographical perspective, there will be nods to that and I think people will really get excited about that.”

Leech said it was exciting and also a “relief” to have completed the process. Almost since the Walton-Penner Family Ownership Group took control of the team in August 2022, he has been asked about the possibility of revised uniforms.

“I knew the uniforms were one of the first things that fans really started tweeting me about, so I knew there was a lot of passion and a lot of creativity,” Leech said. “We’ve seen a lot of the things, which I think is just a testament to how engaged our fan base is and how much they want to see new uniforms.”

The trip to Nike headquarters in Oregon last spring really got the process started.

“They take you through a design vision process,” he said. “What is important to you? What do you want to achieve? On a scale of 1-10, how much change do you want? A lot of different things, and then you start iterating and iterating and iterating.”

Now the uniforms are revealed. Or at least soon. Leech said he will keep an eye out for updates in the coming weeks. That would put Denver in a position to perhaps unveil the new threads before the NFL Draft, which begins April 25.

“It’s been a great process throughout the organization,” Leech said. “Employees, owners – especially Carrie (Walton-Penner) have really driven this process forward. Player engagement, fan engagement and we’re really excited to be moving in that direction.”

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