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Burning Man is hit with false claims of an ‘Ebola outbreak’ as celebrities flee the festival

Matt Bellamy escapes from Burning Man

Matt Bellamy is the latest star to escape the mud bath (Image: Getty/AFP/Instagram)

With While flooding wreaked havoc at the Burning Man festival, even more panic ensued amid rumors that the deadly Ebola virus was spreading to the site.

Some accounts on X — formerly known as Twitter — sparked rumors, while others even shared fake screenshots claiming to be from the Centers For Disease Control (CDC).

Thankfully, there’s no evidence that this is true, and the CDC hasn’t issued any such warnings.

Battling the elements is very real, however, and Muse frontman Matt Bellamy pedaled for miles across the Nevada desert to get out of the event as heavy rain left thousands stranded.

Flooding has left visitors ankle-deep in mud, 70,000 people are said to be stranded and authorities are investigating one death at the festival, although organizers say it was unrelated to the weather.

Bad weather at the US festival has made the ground too slippery to even step on and roads around the area are closed as vehicles are not allowed to drive on them, while organizers are still planning to host the ‘man burn’ finale today To be performed in the evening (September 4) 9 p.m. local time.

Matt Bellamy flees Burning Man on his bike

The Muse frontman cycled away from the festival site (Image: Instagram/@mattbellamy)
He was happy to have escaped (Image: Instagram/@mattbellamy)

Celebrities were also present at the music event, among others Chris Rock and Diplo are seen giggling as they escaped the chaos as they waded out of the mud for two miles before a fan picked them up in a truck.

He grabbed his poncho and set off. Muse rocker Matt left the festival on his bike and documented the trip on his Instagram page.

He shared pictures and videos from his wet and rainy trip, all smiling in a pretty red waterproof fur coat and thick goggles to protect against the elements.

What is the Burning Man Festival?

  • A nine-day celebration of art and self-exploration, Burning Man describes itself as a “community and global cultural movement guided by 10 practical principles.”
  • The event takes place in Black Rock City, a temporary settlement in Nevada
  • The organizers say: “We don’t book acts and we don’t provide entertainment.” What happens here is up to you! There is no corporate sponsorship.’
  • They added, “There are no bystanders!” You are expected to participate, collaborate, be inclusive, creative, outgoing and clean up after yourself.”
  • The 10 principles include: Radical Inclusion, Giving, Decommodification, Radical Self-Reliance, Radical Self-Expression, Community Engagement, Civic Responsibility, Participation, Immediacy, and Leave No Trace

“Biked from Burning Man to Gerlach, 5 miles through swampy humid desert and 12 miles on mountain roads, an epic journey!” He captioned the post.

One possible escape route from the festival remains viable, and that’s a five-mile hike through the mud to the paved Highway 34 – and that’s exactly the option model Kelly Gale, 28, and her friends, 43-year-old fiancé Joel Kinnaman, chose.

On Saturday afternoon local time, the Victoria’s Secret model Instagrammed a photo of her feet in hiking boots, which she wrapped in plastic bags to prevent them from getting stuck in the mud.

Model Kelly Gale and fiancé Joel Kinnaman also managed to flee (Image: Instagram/kellygale)
Kelly tried to keep her spirits up (Image: Instagram/kellygale

“fingers crossed,” she captioned the picture on her Instagram Stories as her hike began, and she kept fans updated with snaps of her progress before showing Joel striding alongside her in mud-covered boots as she watched that they “brought themselves to safety”. .

The festival is famous for the giant wooden man that is burned at the end of the event and for its interactive art installations.

The Burning Man campground has been transformed from a desert of sand to a total mud bath by half an inch of rain, and organizers have urged people to “conserve food, water and fuel” and “find shelter in a warm, safe place.” “. ‘.

Tens of thousands of people have been stranded due to the weather (Image: DJSHARAM/UGC/AFP via Getty Images)

Meanwhile, they added that no one would be allowed to leave or enter the site as the gate and airport in and out of Black Rock City were still “closed.”

Those planning to travel to the festival, which was due to run from August 27th to September 4th, will be rerouted as the festival is now closed for the remainder of the event.

On their X (formerly Twitter) account, organizers urged people in the desert to help each other stay safe in the adverse conditions.

According to the BBCA source at the event said that “everyone is fine” but there was a “sense of uncertainty,” adding, “Signal.” [across the camp] “The problem is that we can’t really communicate with anyone.”

The source also pointed out that mobile toilets were out of service and that tent occupants were allowed access to the families’ caravan facilities.

This isn’t the first time Burning Man has faced challenging weather conditions after a sudden sandstorm hit last year’s event.

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