GWS captain Toby Greene performed well in the marking competition

Toby Greene could face scrutiny from the AFL tribunal over a rule aptly named after the GWS superstar.

In 2017, Greene made headlines after hitting ex-Bulldog Luke Dahlhaus’ face with his boot during a marking competition.

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The 30-year-old got away with a $1,500 fine, but it wasn’t the first time he’d used the move, and it eventually led to a tightening of the rules two years later when the use of studs in marking Competitions or in open play could lead to free kicks, fines or suspensions.

It became widely known as “the Toby Greene Rule.”

The GWS captain was back in action in Sunday’s clash with West Coast in Perth, leading with his right leg as he hit a shot before hitting Eagle Tom Cole in the chest.

Fox Footy’s commentary team was quick to recall the Giants’ past indiscretions.

“He drove the ball off (Lachie) Whitfield and out to hit Toby Greene, well he had the leg out, he had contact and was allowed to continue playing,” Adam Papalia said in the call.

“We’ve seen this before when Toby Greene took a hit with his leg outstretched and his cleats up.”

His co-commentators then spoke up.

“Didn’t they put a rule in place, a Toby Greene rule?” Former Eagle Will Schofield added.

“They definitely did,” replied Matthew Pavlich.

“He made contact with the player,” Papalia added.

Fremantle great Pavlich then explained his perspective on the incident.

“I think that’s fine,” he said initially. “You can run out and jump on the ball.

“But you can’t run and jump on the ball and put your cleats up. That changed after a few of these incidents, didn’t it?

“I’m sure it will be looked into.”

The moment did not go unnoticed by viewers and commentators on social media.

“Toby Greene has questionable marking technique here,” the Fox Footy account on X captioned a video of the incident.

“Ah, Karate Kid is back,” was one reply.

“Just completely unnecessary,” another added.

Another X user posted a photo of Greene’s interaction with Dahlhaus and wrote: “Toby Greene turns back the clock.”

As was widely predicted, the Giants dominated the game at Optus Stadium.

Greene had a goal, 15 possessions and six points late in the third quarter, while Harley Reid, West Coast’s No. 1 draft pick, had some impressive moments with his 15 touches and two clearances as the Giants took a big lead buildings.

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