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What Catherine, Princess of Wales, says between the lines in her video

Catherine, Princess of Wales, shocked the world on Friday when she announced her cancer diagnosis while sitting on a bench in front of yellow flowers and lush greenery: a two-minute, clear video that ended weeks of speculation about her whereabouts.

“It’s a very strong statement,” said Sarah Hewson, royal editor at Talk TV. “Seeing her turn directly to the camera – the world – to share her devastating diagnosis is deeply moving.”

Catherine’s family members and government officials around the world immediately issued statements of support for the princess. Some princess watchers who have spent the last month spreading outlandish rumors, jokes, etc Memes on social media felt a tinge of regret. But the princess shared more than just her cancer diagnosis in the video, and experts say some of her most powerful messages went unsaid.

Here’s what Catherine revealed between the lines.

The creation of the video shows that the Royals are taking this very seriously

Catherine, Princess of Wales, said in a video shared on March 22 that she was diagnosed with cancer following abdominal surgery in January. (Video: BBC Studios, Photo: BBC/BBC Studios)

Public concern and speculation about Catherine increased after her abdominal surgery in January and disappeared from public view. Those concerns have done little to assuage an edited family photo and grainy tabloid photos published in recent weeks. Experts believe the video is the royal family’s latest attempt to finally put an end to the rumors.

“I think it all goes back to the late queen’s saying: You have to be seen to be believed,” said Emily Maitlis, host of the “News Agents” podcast and known for an extraordinary interview she conducted with Prince Andrew a few years ago. “The video allowed her to end all speculation in one fell swoop. It couldn’t be photoshopped. It couldn’t be faked.”

Catherine’s recorded video also directly mentioned the broadcaster and filmer BBC, perhaps a “visible sign that it was made independently”, said Hewson.

The video is a far cry from Buckingham Palace’s brief announcement in February King Charles III Cancer diagnosis. British publicist Mark Borkowski said the larger gesture was necessary: ​​”If it had been a statement, no one would have believed it and many of the crazy rumors would have continued to leak.”

Catherine and her family want privacy

In a video statement released on March 22, Princess Catherine asked for privacy for herself and her family as she completes her cancer treatment. (Video: BBC Studios, Photo: BBC Studios/BBC Studios)

Catherine’s video makes no mention of the online obsession with Borkowski believes this is intentional: “They don’t want to send any signals on social media that they have been influenced by this noise.”

But she continues to talk about her family and their needs after what she calls “an incredibly tough few months.”

“We needed time to explain everything to George, Charlotte and Louis in a way that was appropriate for them,” she said. “We hope you understand that as a family we now need some time, space and privacy while I complete my treatment.”

“It doesn’t directly address the conspiracy theorists, but there are some very clear messages in this statement,” Hewson said. “Where was Kate?” Devastated by a shocking diagnosis, she puts all her energy into becoming strong enough to begin chemotherapy and, most importantly, protecting her children.”

Catherine has support, but she is also her own person

In a video statement released on March 22, Princess Catherine paid tribute to Prince William and thanked the public for their support. (Video: BBC Studios, Photo: BBC Studios/BBC Studios)

In the video, the Princess briefly mentions the support she has received from her husband, Prince William: “Having William by my side is also a great source of comfort and reassurance.”

The statement prompted some Confusion because William is nowhere to be seen in the picture. Many wondered why the prince wasn’t there Catherine should present a united front.

Justin Vovk, an associate professor of history at Redeemer University, believes the decision to film only the princess was intentional.

“It was really the moment for Kate to make this statement, to assert her own personality,” he said. “She’s not just someone’s wife, but a woman undergoing cancer treatment.”

Even though he wasn’t seen, Hewson said: The mention of William could serve to quell “bizarre rumors about the state of their marriage.” (An illicit affair was among the rumored theories for Catherine’s break from her public duties.)

Catherine encourages other cancer patients

In a video statement released on March 22, Princess Catherine sent a message of solidarity to other cancer sufferers. (Video: BBC Studios, Photo: BBC Studios/BBC Studios)

Catherine ended her video with a message to other cancer patients: “To everyone facing this disease, in whatever form, please do not lose faith or hope. You are not alone.”

Maitlis believes the princess knew the profound impact her news would have on families, cancer patients and mothers whose news was difficult to break to their young children. The video, Maitlis said, even shows Catherine surrounded by what appear to be daffodils, which symbolize hope for cancer sufferers.

“Even in her darkest hour,” Hewson said, “she managed to convey a message of hope and support to others.”

Zach Purser Brown and Adela Suliman contributed to this updated report.

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