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In the UK’s cheapest hotel – just 10 minutes’ walk from a very popular beach

A MAN has revealed what it’s really like to spend a night in Britain’s cheapest hotel.

TikToker George Redfern recently stayed at the White Moon Hotel in Blackpool for just £9 a night.

George Redfern recently stayed at the White Moon Hotel in Blackpool for just £9 per night


George Redfern recently stayed at the White Moon Hotel in Blackpool for just £9 per nightPhoto credit:
The TikToker nabbed a private room for £9 a night


The TikToker nabbed a private room for £9 a nightPhoto credit:

The 21-year-old from Wirral, Merseyside, documented his auspicious stay on TikTok.

Although George claimed there were several problems with his room, including a leak in the ceiling, a cracked mirror, and broken lamp holders and light bulbs, the production planner still rated the hotel five stars.

George told Jam Press: “My expectations were very low as I have stayed in many cheap or poorly rated hotels.” [so] I thought nothing else – the bare minimum, probably a little dirty, but bearable.

“I think it was actually a good stay for the price of my room. The room was big, I had a working TV, [the] The bathroom was clean, [and] The heating was very good and kept me warm.

“I also found the bed really comfortable. I didn’t complain about any of the issues – the cracked mirror didn’t really bother me and neither did the socket, although it’s a little dangerous how exposed it was!”

“The two missing light bulbs annoyed me since the room was already dark, but I couldn’t complain because it was so cheap.”

“I’ve stayed in a hotel room before for £17 but that was for one person, so this one I stayed in recently was for two guests for £18 – cutting the price in half.”

The video has already racked up over 500,000 views on the social media platform, with users taking to the comments to share their thoughts.

One person wrote: “For £9 I can’t complain, clean bed, toilet, sink and safe.”

Another added: “For £9 I would move in and live there for months.”

Someone else added: “I know where to stay [the] next I’m going to Blackpool.

One TikTok user even went so far as to say that the hotel was a better deal than his rental accommodation.

They wrote: “Less problems and cheaper than my rent.”

Just a 2-minute drive from Blackpool Beach and Central Pier, White Moon Hotel is close to a range of entertainment options including arcade games and rides.

Jam Press has reached out to White Moon for comment.

It’s also not the first time George has stayed at a budget hotel in the UK, as the content creator has previously stayed at one of the worst-rated hotels in the UK.

The Assheton Arms Hotel in Manchester has a 1.7/5 star rating on Google and a 1.5/5 star rating on TripAdvisor.

George paid £30 for a night in the hotel but was surprised when he stayed all night.

He said: “I wanted to see if the hotel’s reviews were justified and give the hotel a chance to redeem itself from all the bad reviews it received.”

“I now understand why one commenter said it was the worst night of his life.”

A spokesperson for Assheton Arms told Jam Press: “We have viewed the video and it has a positive vibe.”

“This is new management trying to build on the positive reviews of our hotel. We hope to increase our ratings to almost 10 stars.”

This is certainly not the first time a vacationer has documented their hotel stay.

Weather spoon hotel

Last year a man posted a video about his overnight stay at a Spoons pub.

He posted about his visit to the Doncaster Pub on his TikTok channel (@philc84) and was pleasantly surprised by the hotel’s offering, whose value for money and comfort ultimately convinced him.

The room had a comfortable bed and air conditioning.

Also included in the room rate were complimentary bottled water, cookie packets, an iron and ironing board, extra towels and pillows, and a hairdryer.

Here’s how to find the cheapest deals at Travelodge – with rooms starting from £7 per person per night.

For more UK holiday dealsBrits can stay at the UK’s only holiday park with Wetherspoons on site from £4 per person per night.

While seaside cottage stays are on sale this summer from £27 per person, in Suffolk, Wales and Devon.

Best places to stay in 2024

1. Bristol

The artsy port city was at the top of the list, bursting with culture and trendy cafes along the River Avon.

Bristol is a bubbling hub for creatives and the birthplace of street artist Banksy. You can admire some of his best early works on a free tour.

2. hull

The port town of Humberside rose to prominence last year and has a thriving nightlife – if that’s what you’re looking for.

The Old Town is full of history and elegant buildings whose walls have many stories to tell, and The Deep is a fascinating aquarium attraction.

3. Isles of Scilly

Just off the coast of Cornwall, it’s easy to see why the archipelago made it into the top three.

Here you’ll find golden sandy beaches where you can spot dolphins offshore, as well as beach bars serving hearty meals.

The content creator gave the hotel five stars


The content creator gave the hotel five starsPhoto credit: Jam Press

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