Harry and Meghan’s pal Christopher Bouzy claims the royal family “lied” to the public about Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis.

The royal rumor mill is just starting to boil.

Just minutes after the world learned of Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis, tech entrepreneur Christopher Bouzy expressed doubts about the British royal family, comparing the heartbreaking video announcement to “North Korean propaganda.”

“The palace lied and the British press was happy to help them lie,” said Bouzy, 48 in a post on X on Friday. “The countless ‘conspiracy theory’ headlines, even though I knew much of what was being said was true.”

“This is truly a North Korean/Trumpian type of propaganda,” the post concluded.

Bouzy’s ongoing tirade

Tech entrepreneur Christopher Bouzy harshly criticized Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis video just minutes after it was released, comparing it to “North Korean propaganda.” Netflix

In a follow-up post, he added: “I’m sorry to hear that Kate has cancer and I hope she makes a full recovery.” But it’s also clear that all three previous photos of her were fake and the palace was trying “To cover this up.”

The Bot Sentinel The CEO post earned him the ire of royal watchers on social media.

“Hmm, the palace lied… no, you just couldn’t keep your nasty little noses out of it, and I’m not even a royalist.” scoffed an X user. “She is a mother of young children, a wife, a daughter, a sister. She is a damned human being who should not be persecuted in the darkest time of her life.”

“You are despicable” another raged. “Comparing a cancer-stricken mother who told you she would say something after Easter, it’s still not Easter, to Trump and North Korea is beyond abhorrent.”

Bouzy’s comments came just minutes after the Princess of Wales posted a video about her cancer diagnosis. BBC studios

“You are under contempt,” a The third scoffed.

Bouzy, who made a name for himself in the royal sphere after appearing in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s 2022 Netflix documentary “Harry & Meghan,” initially caused shock when he said that the latest outing the Princess of Wales was a fake.

In another status on XThe CEO released a series of clips showing Middleton, 42, and her husband, Prince William, 41, walking together last year and compared them to their recent stroll at the Windsor Farm Shop.

“I’ve put together some older videos of William and Kate walking together, as well as the current video from Windsor Farm. Take a look and decide for yourself whether it’s Kate or not. In my opinion we still haven’t seen Kate in public,” he wrote on Tuesday.

“We have been told that Kate is recovering and will resume her royal duties shortly. But in the current video she is holding a bag in her hand and moving quickly. If she is capable of such activity, why isn’t she back to her royal duties yet?” he added in another tweet.

Sources also reported that Prince Harry, 39, and Markle, 42, found out about their sister-in-law’s diagnosis on television. Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Bouzy is one of several people parroting the statement that the video showing the Princess of Wales “happy, healthy and relaxed” is a fake.

A BBC reporter, Sonja McLaughlan, also spread the rumor that the person next to the future guy was actually a body double.

“It is disturbing that newspapers like @thetimes are reporting this as fact,” Sonja McLaughlan wrote in a now-restricted comment Post on X. “Headline ‘Kate is seen in public for the first time,’ even though it’s clearly not her. As someone said. Could be some doppelgangers up to mischief.”

“It’s obviously not Kate. Some newspapers report this as fact. But she isn’t. Not a conspiracy theorist, but all very strange,” she added The Telegraph.

sources told The sun that the couple stopped by the store after watching their children Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5, play sports.

Royal insiders recently told The Post they hoped the video would help dispel any lingering rumors about the princess and “put an end to outside noise about her recovery.”

In a different status AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti, File

Sources have also reported this Prince Harry, 39, and Markle, 42, learned of their sister-in-law’s diagnosis from television.

“It is understood that Kate’s cancer diagnosis was not communicated to Harry and Meghan in advance [Markle]”,” The Times UK reported Saturday. “Multiple sources confirm that there were no such discussions and it is believed that Harry learned of Kate’s diagnosis on television at the same time as the public did.”

It was also reported that the “Spare” author and the “Suits” alum released a short statement.

“We wish Kate and the family health and healing and hope they can do so privately and in peace,” the Duke and Duchess of Sussex said.

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