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Dad has to pay £20,000 after retrieving his son’s football from the neighborhood guard

Dr. Edel McAndrew-Bergson (left) cries and Chaim Adler holds a water bottle in front of the city's mayor and district court
DR Edel McAndrew-Bergson (left) and her now-deceased husband Warren sued Chaim Adler (right) for harassment and trespassing (Image: Champion News Service)

A father has been ordered to pay almost £20,000 (including £11,000 to a dead man) after he tried to retrieve his crying son’s ball from a neighbor’s garden.

Chaim Adler, 35, said MailOnline He “tried to ask nicely” when a neighbor refused to return his eight-year-old son’s ball while he was visiting his parents in Golders Green, north London.

Of neighbor attorney Warren Bergson, Chaim said, “He yelled at my son and caused him to burst into tears.”

“He was very upset and I went to the house to talk to him and get the ball back.”

Aerial view of the properties with green lawns at the rear and cars parked on paved driveways in front, both with red tiled roofs.

Mr. Bergson and Dr. McAndrew Bergson lived in a garden apartment on the property to the left of the Adler’s semi-detached house (Image: Champion News Service)

“My aunt lives in the house and she allowed us to go into the garden at any time.” The Bergsons lived in a granny flat at the end of the garden.

“When the ball first went over I wasn’t even in the house, but when he yelled at my son and refused to give it back, I went over and demanded it back.”

Instead, he got “five damn years” after automobile law expert Bergson and his wife, psychologist Dr. Edel McAndrew-Bergson, sued him for trespassing and harassment.

A judge ruled in Bergson’s favour, awarding the couple £19,800 in damages and leaving Adler £40,000 in legal costs.

“Chaim Adler’s conduct was aggressive, humiliating and intimidating,” Mayors and City County Judge Stephen Hellman said Court.

“This behavior goes beyond just being annoying.”

Champion News Service Ltd Tel: 07948286566 / 07914583378 Esther and Zavy Adler and their son Chaim outside the city's mayor and district court following a hearing in the dispute with Dr. Noble McAndrew-Bergson

All three Adlers – Chaim and parents Esther and Zavy – must pay out after a judge ruled in favor of the Bergsons (Image: Champion News Service)

But the Adlers’ entitlement problems only began when the Bergsons moved next door to Chaim’s parents in 2017.

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“We’ve lived here for 40 years and never had any problems until the Bergsons moved into their apartment,” said Esther Adler, 69.

“This whole thing should never have gone to court.” We didn’t want to go to court, but they were determined to sue.

“I don’t know how he’s going to find the £20,000 to pay for them. “It’s just ridiculous. “My son is angry.”

The first arguments between the families occurred in August 2017, when the Bergsons noticed water flowing from the Adlers’ grandchildren’s paddling pool next door into the garden.

This led to a confrontation with Zavy Adler, Chaim’s father.

The problems continued from here, with a football at the center.

According to the Bergsons, a ball was repeatedly “thrown” into the separation fence every weekend, claiming this was a way to “intimidate” them.

To escape, the couple had to take out memberships at the British Library.

It was again at the center of a confrontation on a long weekend in May 2018, when anger reached its peak and the Bergsons were angered by the noise.

Champion News Service Ltd Tel: 07948286566 / 07914583378 Dr. Edel McAndrew-Bergson in front of the city's mayor and district court after a hearing in the dispute with former neighbors Zavy and Esther Adler and their son Chaim.

Dr. McAndrew-Bergson’s husband Warren died after the first trial (Image: Champion News Service)

Dr. McAndrew-Bergson grabbed the soccer ball as it entered her yard and threw it over another neighbor’s fence.

Mr. Bergson then confiscated it and took it to his apartment another time that same weekend to get some peace and quiet.

An angry Chaim Adler, a frequent visitor to his parents’ home, entered the Bergsons’ yard twice, the Bergsons said.

The Bergsons claimed he “snarled” and taunted Mr. Bergson the first time.

The second time, he tried to push his ball low while “aggressively” demanding the ball back, the Bergsons said.

Dr. McAndrew-Bergson said they closed the door.

But an enraged Chaim knocked on the door, pressed his face against the window and bared his teeth and growled at them, they claimed.

Chaim also entered the garden with a “small army” of Adler family members, who they used as “evening entertainment,” according to the Bergsons.

The judge described it as “haunting” when Dr. McAndrew-Bergson said her husband was surrounded this weekend, with Chaim taunting him, shouting “here here” and repeatedly kicking the air with his right leg.

The picture shows the former home of the lawyer Mr. Bergson and his psychologist Dr. Edel McAndrew-Bergson (LEFT) and Chaim Adler's family home (RIGHT).
The former home of Mr. Bergson and Dr. McAndrew-Bergson (left) and Chaim Adler’s parents’ house (Image: Bradley Page)

Chaim denied wrongdoing and said he had just had a “back and forth” with Mr Bergson as he tried to protect his son.

make judgment, Judge Stephen Hellman said Chaim had been provoked by the Bergsons’ refusal to give the ball back but he had gone too far.

He said: “I admit he was angry because they had upset his son, but he did not show me that his behavior was reasonable and I am satisfied that it was not.”

The judge concluded that Chaim had harassed the Bergsons and committed trespassing when, in one of the incidents, “at least part of his body” entered their apartment.

After a trial and verdict in 2022, the case went back to court last week so Judge Hellman could decide the amount of damages the Bergsons are owed.

Mr. Bergson died after the first trial.

Judge Hellman orders Chaim to pay £8,800 compensation to Dr. McAndrew-Bergson and £11,000 to her husband’s estate.

The judge also ordered Esther and Zavy Adler to pay £1,700 compensation for interfering with the Bergesons’ right of way over a passageway to their home which was often blocked by building materials.

The case will go to court at a later date to decide who will pay the legal bills.

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