Eric Trump says lenders he asked for half a billion dollars in dispute over his father’s bond were ‘laughing’

Less than one the day before Donald TrumpThe deadline for posting a $464 million bond has passed risk having his assets confiscated According to the New York Attorney General’s Office, his children are turning to the media to complain about the lack of money.

Trump’s younger son Eric Trump commented on the ordeal during an appearance Sunday morning futuresHe said he was present at negotiations with dozens of sureties to secure the bond, but all rejected Trump.

“When I came to them, every single one said, ‘Hey, can I get a half-billion-dollar bond?'” the younger Trump brother told Fox host Maria Bartiromo: “Maria: They laughed. They laughed.”

Trump must secure the $464 million bond in order to appeal the verdict in the New York state case that convicted the Trump Organization of inflating property values ​​and lying about assets to obtain loans and evade taxes reduce. Trump is in front of you A $3 billion windfall for the IPO of his social media company Truth Social, but it will still take several months for the funds to reach his account, and he’s shown it before that he currently does not have enough liquid funds to fully issue the bond, although his family has not yet admitted it.

“They’re trying to take away his money because they want to bankrupt him,” Eric Trump said. “They want to hurt him so bad and it’s going to backfire because he’s going to win this in November.”

Contrary to the younger Trump’s complaints about how difficult it was to secure a half-billion-dollar bond, The verdict makes it clear that the bond does not have to be financed by a single guarantor or lender. Furthermore, he claims the ruling is unprecedented doesn’t hold waterCourt filings in the case cite other multibillion-dollar verdicts that were appealed after bonds were secured, including a 2021 case between Sony Music and Cox Communications (The verdict was later overturned on appeal).

In addition to ranting about how he didn’t help his father, Eric Trump also used his time on television to estimate the value of Mar-a-Lago at a billion dollars and claim that his father “has the skyline of New York built” (this is not the case). the first time Eric Trump has done it made this claim), both of which seem ironic considering that lying about property values ​​and assets led to these problems in the first place.

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