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Vegan burns police notice


Outspoken vegan activist Tash Peterson has sensationally burned a police notice that bars her from all licensed venues in her home state of Western Australia for a year.

Last week, Perth restaurant Fyre, commenced legal action against Peterson who has demonstrated twice at the premises.

The second demonstration earlier this month saw Peterson and celebrity chef John Mountain lock horns in a physical altercation outside the restaurant in the Perth suburb of Joondalup.

The chef arguably put a target on his back after a decision to ban vegans in June.

After the run-in, however, the restaurant on Thursday evening shared that Peterson and her boyfriend were now legally barred from entering the premises.

The notice informed the pair they would be committing trespass and that the business would “take all appropriate steps to remove and exclude you”.

According to the restaurant’s solicitor, a copy of the trespass notice has been given to the Joondalup Police Station.

Vegan burns police notice

Since then Peterson has claimed she has received a 12-month Liquor Barring Notice from WA Police, which is her fourth, as a result of the Fyre stoush.

The notice bars her from every liquor licensed venue in Western Australia.

Mountain, whose disdain for vegan activism is well reported, lashed Peterson prior to serving her the legal letter.

“She’s just clutching at straws, desperately trying to get another 15 minutes of fame. Her only motivation is to increase her subscriptions on OnlyFans,” Mountain told The West Australian on Wednesday.

“She pulls in $40,000 a month … I’ve looked it all up. She makes nearly as much as me … she just doesn’t have to get out of bed for it.

Now, in a provocative Instagram video, Peterson said she would never stop “speaking up for the victims of the animal Holocaust” as she burned the notice saying she rejected it.

“These animals are subject to rape, enslavement, torture, abuse and murder in the meat and dairy industries,” she said.

Peterson describes herself as a “nonviolent activist”.

She said the notice was a “misuse of the law”.

“This notice is designed for disorderly, drunken and violent people not animal rights activist. “They are using in an attempt to silence me.”

She vowed to continue to go into restaurants and places with liquor licences if they are “profiting and serving animal abuse, torture and murder”.

WA’s Liquor Control act states: (Barring notices) intended to regulate patron behaviour in licensed premises and reduce the incidence of anti-social behaviour and alcohol-related violence.”

“The WA Police have the power to issue Barring Notices to individuals who are violent or disorderly, engage in indecent behaviour, or contravene any written law on licensed premises,” it states.

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