The Florida Supreme Court puts abortion on the ballot – posing a serious problem for Trump

In the end Ron “DeSanctimonious” DeSantis could take revenge on Donald Trump – just not in the way he expected.

The Florida governor’s draconian six-week abortion ban — which he pushed as part of his presidential bid because he thought he could trump Trump and the other GOP candidates — received the green light from the Florida Supreme Court on Monday. It will come into force in 30 daysUntil then, the state’s current 15-week abortion ban remains in effect.

That’s terrible, but the state Supreme Court decided that too An amendment to protect abortion rights will be on the ballot in Florida in Novemberwhich gives voters a chance to overturn DeSantis’ ban and, if past elections are any evidence, significantly increases voter turnout.

In 2019, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis welcomes President Donald Trump to West Palm Beach.

In 2019, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis welcomes President Donald Trump to West Palm Beach.

DeSantis and Florida Supreme Court help Biden

You can analyze these developments in the Sunshine State any way you want, but there is no version that is good for Trump, the impending Republican presidential nominee.

He has before described DeSantis’ six-week suspension as “terrible” knowing how unpopular it is with voters. Now Trump faces three decisions in his home state that are not good for him but great for Joe Biden:

  • Welcome the six-week ban he denounced and urge his supporters to oppose the amendment protecting abortion rights.

  • Maintain his opposition to the six-week ban and support the amendment protecting abortion rights, which he cannot do without alienating evangelical voters.

  • Assuming that if he becomes president, he will override the six-week state ban with a federal ban on abortion after 15 or 16 weeks, which would be a gift to President Biden’s re-election campaign.

Oh, Ron. If only you planned this to get revenge on the guy who dubbed you.”Ron DeSanctimonious“People might think you’re smart.

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A six-week abortion ban in Florida is essentially a total abortion ban

In Monday’s rulings, Florida’s conservative Supreme Court ruled that the state’s constitution does not protect the right to abortion. This reinstated the existing 15-week abortion ban in Florida.

The six-week suspension DeSantis imposed came into force in April last year was scheduled to begin 30 days after a Supreme Court ruling upholding the 15-week ban. So the clock starts now.

For Florida residents, a six-week ban is essentially a complete ban on abortion, since most people don’t even know they are pregnant before six weeks. It will also further restrict access to abortion in the South.

Lauren Brenzel, the campaign manager for Floridians Protecting Freedom, who fought to get the abortion amendment on the state’s 2024 ballot, told the Washington Post: “There is no place in the Southeast that can accommodate Florida’s patient base. It’s just not possible. That’s just an unmanageable amount of patients to try to move to another state.”

Why doesn’t Biden sell Bibles? Joe Biden didn’t target a judge’s daughter or sell a single Bible. What a loser!

Trump will have difficulty dealing with this election problem in Florida

The real consequences of DeSantis’ ban will be felt long before the November election, and it will not be an issue that Trump can avoid.

Women in his state will have completely lost the right to abortion, initially thanks to Trump’s U.S. Supreme Court decisions that helped overturn Roe v. Wade, and then thanks to DeSantis’ abortion ban, which was upheld by the conservatives he installed on the state Supreme Court.

Former President Donald Trump gestures to the crowd after speaking at a campaign rally in Rome, Georgia, March 9, 2024.

Former President Donald Trump gestures to the crowd after speaking at a campaign rally in Rome, Georgia, March 9, 2024.

Trump has tried unsuccessfully to solve this problem, I take credit for overturning Roe Then he simultaneously criticized DeSantis’ ban on the state mumbles non-specifically that “business is being done” when it comes to a national abortion ban.

Last May at a CNN town hallWhen Trump was asked if he would sign a 15-week federal abortion ban, he didn’t answer, saying only: “I’ll negotiate so people are happy.”

Good luck with that, Bubba.

A recent Fox News poll shows abortion access is widespread

To summarize voters’ views on this issue, I quote from this Fox News report published last week: “Nearly two years after the Supreme Court ruled on Roe v. Wade repealed, a record number of voters believe abortion should be legal, with two-thirds supporting a nationwide law that guarantees access, according to a Fox News national poll.”

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This means “guaranteeing” access, not prohibiting it.

The poll found that 59% of voters believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases. And 54% oppose a 15-week federal abortion ban, with far more opposed to more restrictive legislation.

Biden will still have an uphill battle in Florida, but that changes his outlook

Since Roe was overturned, this has been a losing issue for Republicans. Trump knows this, but he doesn’t know how to get around it, as he does with most things.

Thanks to the actions of DeSantis, Trump’s Republican primary opponent who was defeated and humiliated, this dance has become orders of magnitude more complicated.

And Florida – the seemingly bright red state that is home to Mar-a-Lago and Trump himself – just got a whole lot more interesting.

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