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The long-awaited adaptation of Frankenstein by the acclaimed director Guillermo del Toro It’s shaping up to be a cinematic experience that goes beyond previous adaptations. According to J. Miles Dalethe film producer as The Shape of Water – Frankenstein: Guillermo del Toro's version will be "deeply emotional" - The USA Print92% and The Alley of Lost Souls – 72%Del Toro’s vision for Frankenstein will focus on emotional and family issues.

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It is worth mentioning that del Toro originally had plans to create a Monster Universe with Universal (Frankenstein’s Bride, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Invisible Man, Wolf Man), but ultimately opted to develop his own version of the iconic literary character. “We felt that The Shape Of Water was some kind of version of a creature. So now, here he is making his own Monster Universe,” Dale comments in an interview with A.Frame.

This version of Frankenstein very much follows that thematic path. So, I feel like this is the third movie in the Guillermo’s father trilogy. That’s exciting, and when you read the script, it’s very emotional and, of course, very iconic.

Also a producer of del Toro’s television productions, The Strain- fifty% and Guillermo del Toro’s cabinet of curiosities – Frankenstein: Guillermo del Toro's version will be "deeply emotional" - The USA Print90%highlights the emotional nature of the original novel by mary shelley and suggests that del Toro’s version will explore the theme of the father figure. After the death of the parents of both directors, films like The alley of lost souls and Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro – Frankenstein: Guillermo del Toro's version will be "deeply emotional" - The USA Print96%, have served as a means to address the parent-child relationship. So this version of Frankenstein will follow the same path, but in a very emotional way, according to Dale’s words.

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Because you’re thrown into a world that you don’t understand, that’s wrong for you and you don’t fit in well, and you have to imagine yourself and the world as you go. Either you change the world or the world destroys you. And those two movies do that.

Del Toro has previously expressed his fascination with the film Frankenstein from 1931 directed by James Whale. For him, both Frankenstein as pinocchio they are primary experiences of the human condition, so this film represents a great opportunity to continue exploring it.

For me, Guillermo gets better and better (…) He’s in such a sweet spot right now, and I feel really privileged to be involved in that.

The movie of Frankenstein It does not yet have a confirmed release date, but it is known that it will have a “pretty good” cast that includes Andrew Garfield, oscar isaac and mia goth. Dale not only highlights the cast of this project, but also Del Toro’s work, making it all a “perfect match.”

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Guillermo del Toro’s vision for the Frankenstein movie promises to delve into emotional and family terrain, exploring the relationship between father figures and their children. With an outstanding cast and del Toro’s cinematic mastery, this version of Frankenstein has the potential to captivate viewers and offer a new perspective on the classic literary character. Fans of the director and fans of deep stories will find this film an emotionally resonant and visually stunning cinematic experience.


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