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What you should know about Chumlee’s status on Pawn Stars

CHUMLEE is best known for his appearance on the History Channel show “Pawn Stars.”

Over the years, the Pawn Stars family has grown fond of Chumlee, but many fans fear they may not see him again.

Chumlee stars in the hit series Pawn Stars


Chumlee stars in the hit series Pawn StarsPhoto credit: Getty

What are Pawn Stars?

Pawn Stars is a reality television series based around the only family-run pawn shop in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The show takes viewers into the world of the pawn shop business with the Harrison family as they judge with discernment which items are real and which are fake.

Chumlee, whose real name is Austin Lee Russell, works with his friends, father-son duo Rick and Corey Harrison, owners of Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.

The show contains both real and staged elements.

Is Chumlee still on Pawn Stars?

Although Chumlee has been embroiled in legal troubles over the years, he is still an active cast member on the series.

He appears in Season 22, the newest season, premiering on Wednesday, April 17, 2024.

Chumlee is also a cast member in the final seasons of Pawn Stars Do America and Pawn Stars: Best Of.

Both shows will return after a brief hiatus on April 2, 2024 on the History Channel.

Accordingly DistractChumlee was previously charged with 20 felonies, including unlawful possession of a firearm in 2016.

The outlet reports that he pleaded guilty to felony firearm charges and a misdemeanor drug possession charge.

He was later sentenced to three years of probation and required counseling, which ended in 2019.

Since then, he seems to be on the right track, spending his time at the pawn shop and sharing his knowledge about the specialties available at the store.

Thanks to this, he has been able to build an approximate net worth of $5 million and earns an estimated $25,000 per episode Celebrity Net Worth.

As of 2024, Chumlee is still part of the series


As of 2024, Chumlee is still part of the seriesPhoto credit: History Channel

Has Chumlee lost weight?

During the Season 19 premiere, Chumlee stunned viewers by showing off his weight loss.

In October 2021, it was revealed that the star had lost 160 pounds following gastric bypass surgery.

He revealed that part of his motivation was his friend Corey, who underwent the procedure in 2014.

A Pawn Stars source reported TMZ that Chumlee had struggled with his weight for years, even revealing in January 2019 that he weighed 350 pounds.

The source later added that Chumlee wants to not only get healthy, but also stay healthy by eating better and exercising more.

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