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King is “frustrated” at the speed at which the cancer is recovering and is “urging” staff to return to work, says Peter Phillips

According to his nephew Peter Phillips, the king is “frustrated” by the speedy recovery from cancer and is “urging” staff and doctors to return to duty.

However, Mr. Phillips – the son of Princess Annethe Princess Royal – says the monarch is in “good spirits” and remains “pragmatic”.

He made the comments during a trip Australia There he took part in a rare television interview in which he praised his mother’s “work ethic” and described his family’s “great connection” to the country.

File photo dated 12/06/16 of Peter Phillips, grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, greeting well-wishers on the Mall during the Patron's Lunch in central London in honor of the Queen's 90th birthday. The events agency run by the Queen's grandson received £750,000 Fees for hosting a street party to celebrate her birthday - almost double the amount the event raised for good causes.
Peter Phillips. File image: PA

Speaking of which King’s After recovering, he told Sky News Australia: “I think ultimately he’s extremely frustrated.”

“He’s frustrated that he can’t do everything he wants to do.

“He is very pragmatic, he understands that there is a time when he really needs to focus on himself.”

“But at the same time, he’s always pushing his staff and everyone – his doctors and nurses – to be able to say, ‘Can I really do this, can I do that?’

“I think the overarching message would be that he’s obviously very keen to get back to some form of normality and is probably frustrated that the recovery is taking a little longer than he probably would have liked.”

King Charles III reads cards and messages sent by well-wishers after his cancer diagnosis. Image:PA
King Charles III reads cards and messages sent after his cancer diagnosis. Image: PA

The King has been being treated since early February for an unknown type of cancer, which was discovered after he was treated for an enlarged prostate.

In yet another health scare for the royal family, the Princess of Wales announced on Friday that this was the case undergo preventative chemotherapy for cancer.

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Kate’s absence will ‘leave a hole’

During the interview, Mr Phillips, the son of Princess Anne and her first husband Captain Mark Phillips, also praised his parents and said it was “quite remarkable” that his mother was still traveling abroad even in her 70s.

“Both are incredibly hard-working and both are still working a lot harder in their 70s than they probably expected,” he said.

“So everyone has a lot to do, and at the end of the day they all lead by example.”

He added that Princess Anne “really valued” her time at home to “relax and just find some form of normality.”

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The Princess Royal speaks to war veterans during a reception for Korean War veterans. Image:PA
The Princess Royal speaks to war veterans during a reception for Korean War veterans. Image: PA

Mr Phillips was visiting Australia to represent the International Foundation for Arts and Culture.

He said the royal family had a “great affinity” for Australia, adding: “We all have friends here.”

This comes after Buckingham Palace announced that the royal had begun outpatient treatment early last month.

Buckingham Palace said the monarch had postponed all public duties following his cancer diagnosis, but he planned to continue work on his red boxes of government papers.

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Last month, during his first personal audience with the prime minister since Buckingham Palace announced his diagnosis, the royal told Rishi Sunak that this had been the case “moved to tears” by the “many wonderful messages and cards” he had received.

And on Thursday, during a visit to Belfast, the Queen said this Monarch was doing “very well” during his cancer treatment.

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