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Longtime Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader Krystal Anderson has died after giving birth to her child

A longtime Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader who was passionate about women’s health died after giving birth to her child.

Krystal Lakeshia Anderson died shortly after giving birth to her daughter Charlotte Willow, who was stillborn. according to an obituary.

A GoFundMe set up to cover Anderson’s medical expenses and memorial services and to establish a “legacy fund” said Anderson, 40, had been diagnosed Sepsis during her pregnancy. According to the GoFundMe, Anderson “seeked hospitalization during her 21st week of pregnancy.” After delivering her daughter, Anderson suffered organ failure and was placed on life support. She underwent three surgeries, “but the source of infection remained unclear,” GoFundMe said. Anderson died on March 20.

According to the obituary, Anderson is survived by her husband, Clayton William Anderson, her parents and several other family members. She was preceded in death by her infant son, James Charles.

Anderson cheered for the Chiefs in the 2006-2011 seasons and again for the cheerleading squad in the 2013-2016 seasons said in a social media post. The team said it participated in the 2015 Pro Bowl and visited troops in the United States, Iraq and Kuwait. Anderson also served the team as an alumni even after she left the cheerleading team.

“She was loved and adored by her teammates, fans and strangers who were never strangers for long,” the team said on social media.

Anderson also worked as a software engineer at Oracle Health, where she made “significant contributions to improving health care,” according to her obituary. She received a patent to develop software to assess the risk of postpartum hemorrhage. Anderson also advocated for Black women in STEM and women’s health.

Anderson’s obituary said she “exuded joy and laughter” and described her passion for philanthropy.

Sepsis is a condition that occurs when the body does not respond properly to an infection and the organs begin to function poorly. according to the Mayo Clinic. Maternal sepsis is the second leading cause of pregnancy-related death. according to University of New Mexico Health. According to UNM Health, prolonged labor, a cesarean birth and exposure to an infected person can increase your chances of developing this disease.

Maternal deaths have occurred in the United States over the past two decades more than doubled.

Black mothers have the highest risk of dying in childbirth. as CBS News previously reported. A 2020 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that the Maternal mortality rate Among non-Hispanic black women in the U.S., there were 55.3 deaths per 100,000 live births — about 2.9 times the rate among non-Hispanic white women.

U.S. maternal mortality from COVID reached its highest level in six decades, highest among Black women


Dr. Henning Tiemeier, the director of Harvard University’s Maternal Health Task Force, cited the high rate of Maternal mortality among black women “essentially one of the biggest public health challenges.”

“We view this as the tip of the iceberg of poor women’s health and poor black women’s health,” Tiemeier said in an interview with “Face the Nation” in 2022. “And there seem to be several reasons [be]from poverty to discrimination to poor care for this group of women.”

In May 2023, Tori Bowie became Olympic sprint champion died from complications of childbirth at the age of 32.

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