Los Angeles squatters sent their suitcases while home inspectors came in, changed locks, did video showings

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The video shows a team of Los Angeles home inspectors giving a group of a dozen squatters a reality check before entering the home, changing the locks and boarding up the windows.

“The police are coming,” one of the squatters tells inspectors in the front yard in a cellphone video recorded in the front yard of a San Fernando Valley home earlier this month.

“That’s fine,” the inspector replies. “We’re coming in.”

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Man hauls items down a driveway in the San Fernando Valley

A still from cell phone video shows the squatters eventually beginning to drag their own belongings out of the home as home inspectors take a look at the home they had invaded. (Squatter Squad/LOCAL NEWS X /TMX)

A group known as the Squatter Squad captured the video and says they have been legally removing squatters from private properties since 2018.

They use various legal techniques, applicable on a case-by-case basis, to evict people who invade homes and refuse to leave.

“This was a very tricky and complex task,” said Lando Fehrenbach, a member of the Squatter Squad.

The intruders assumed that any entry into the house required a three-day court notice. However, they were wrong. A building inspection only requires 24-hour notice and does not have to go through the courthouse, he said.

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Disorder on the side of a house being invaded by squatters

A still from cell phone video shows the squatters eventually beginning to drag their own belongings out of the home as home inspectors take a look at the home they had invaded. (Squatter Squad/LOCAL NEWS X /TMX)

“They were just babbling nonsense,” he added.

However, the squatters were seen making their own video in which they repeatedly insisted that inspectors must go through the courthouse before entering and warned that they had called the police.

“We will file a complaint,” says a squatter, with a cigarette in his mouth and a can of soda in his hand.

“That’s fine,” the inspector replies. “Take me to court.”

WATCH: Los Angeles home inspectors send squatters packing before changing locks

The owner sent a team of workers who showed up with their own potty and tools.

The video shows that when the officers arrived, they stood on the street and let the inspectors do their work. In the end, the squatters packed up their belongings and left before the squatter crew put up no trespassing signs, put a new lock on the gate and boarded up the windows.

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Earlier this month, police in New York City arrested a woman who said a group of squatters moved into her $1 million home and refused to leave.

The police arrived and observed the incident from the street

Police arrived after the squatters called 911, but did not stop home inspectors from their work. (Squatter Squad/LOCAL NEWS X /TMX)

She inherited the property from her parents when they died and then found squatters living in it.

She called police, who escorted two strange men from the property, according to the local ABC affiliate.


However, as she was changing the locks, one of the squatters returned with another police officer and accused her of breaking into the house. She was led out in handcuffs, but police declined to press charges on the burglary charge.

An NYPD spokeswoman told Fox News Digital she was released on an unlawful eviction citation and was not arrested.

Fox News’ Mitch Picasso contributed to this report.

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