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M7.2 quake hits Alaska Peninsula, tsunami warning issued | The Express Tribune


An earthquake of magnitude 7.2 struck the Alaska Peninsula region early on Sunday, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) said, leading to a tsunami warning for nearby regions.

No loss of life and property was reported. 

The USGS revised the magnitude of the earthquake down from an initial reading of 7.4, and it revised the depth of the quake to 32.6 km (20.3 miles) from an initial 9.3 km.

The US Tsunami Warning System issued a tsunami warning for South Alaska, the Alaska Peninsula and regions of the Pacific near to the earthquake.

Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria earlier this year, have raised many questions about how the conditions of the infrastructure we have in Pakistan is safe enough, if our region faces a seismic catastrophe of similar magnitude or even an earthquake of low-intensity.

Seismic zones are the areas where earthquakes tend to focus and can cause destruction if not planned wisely. Because earthquakes cannot be predicted and can cause massive destruction and loss of life, precaution is what can be focused on to lessen the danger.


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