Dispute over Michael Jackson’s estate: Son Bigi tries to “protect” his grandmother from “certain” family members.

It’s a battle of wills for the Jackson family.

In a legal showdown, the late Michael Jackson’s youngest son, Bigi, has filed a lawsuit against his grandmother Katherine Jackson.

Court documents filed by Bigi, formerly known as Blanket, show the 93-year-old matriarch is attempting to tap funds from Michael’s estate to challenge a $600 million music catalog contract.

Katherine’s side argues that the estate should cover her $500,000 in legal fees, while Bigi disagrees.

“…it seems clear [Katherine] that the executors hold all assets of the estate in order to maintain control over them and to avoid the trust’s more liberal distribution requirements,” says a new complaint filed by Katherine’s attorney. according to People.

Katherine Jackson, here with son Michael Jackson in 2005, argues that his estate should cover her $500,000 in legal fees in a dispute. WireImage

But close family sources say this isn’t really about Bigi, now 22, trying to deny his grandmother anything.

Rather, it’s about dissuading the extended family from Michael’s inheritance.

“Bigi doesn’t stand against his grandmother. “Bigi is really trying to protect his grandmother the same way Michael did, namely protecting her from the Jacksons!” a longtime family member told the Post.

“It’s the same shit,” the employee said, claiming that some relatives receive money from the foundation through the mild-mannered Katherine. “Instead of letting Mrs. Jackson live out her years in relative peace, certain family members are still taking advantage of this older woman to make more money – and as always, that’s none of her business.”

Sources say Bigi – formerly known as Blanket and. seen here in 2022 – is actually trying to protect his grandmother. Getty Images
Sources say Katherine – seen here in 2013 with Michael’s son Prince Michael, who supports Bigi’s actions – is too soft-hearted when it comes to giving money to other family members. Getty Images for Cirque du Soleil

“Through Katie, the estate has made everyone rich beyond their wildest dreams,” said a Jackson insider.

Katherine is not a beneficiary of her deceased son’s principal estate, but rather a separate trust.

Almost 15 years After his death, Michael’s fortune underwent a miraculous transformation – from an estimated half a billion dollars in debt to a multibillion-dollar empire, thanks to the management of lawyers John Branca and John McClain, who are the executors of the estate.

Branca and McClain accomplished this feat through shrewd management — including the introduction of the Tony-nominated “MJ The Musical” — and a determination to keep Michael’s extended family at arm’s length.

Bigi, seen here in Michael’s arms, was only 7 years old when his father died. His brother, Prince Michael, was 12 and his sister Paris was 11.

“Exercise the powers granted in Michael’s will, as confirmed by the probate court, [executors] “I entered into business transactions with the assets of the estate that inflated the value of the estate to over $2 billion,” lawyers wrote in an appeal this month, acknowledging that the “Thriller” singer was about to die He was bankrupt when he died.

But behind the facade of prosperity lies a family torn apart by greed, ambition and envy.

Bigi’s now public disagreement with his grandmother – family sources vehemently contradict any claim that it is a feud – has opened past wounds and inflamed tensions within the Jackson clan.

Meanwhile, sources say the estate fears such infighting could jeopardize years of painstaking and successful efforts to restore Michael’s reputation and keep money flowing into the pockets of the legendary moonwalker’s heirs.

“Fair warning: Keep saying bad words and keep throwing deep punches at my 93-year-old grandma and the gloves will be taken off,” said Tito Jackson’s son Taj. tweeted last week.

While Bigi has kept a low profile, he spoke to “Good Morning Britain” in 2021 and argued that world leaders should do more to address climate change. Good morning Britain

But insiders told the Post that Taj and other family members misunderstood Bigi’s argument that the estate should no longer be allowed to pay his grandmother’s legal fees.

They also believe an unidentified faction of the family is pushing Katherine to fight the estate, but made it clear that Bigi’s siblings – Prince Michael, 27, and Paris, 25 – are supporting their brother’s court battle.

“Bigi simply said he thought it was a waste of money. “He is financially responsible because he believes the court will rule against Katie and the lawyers will charge her a premium,” the Jackson insider said, using the family nickname for Michael’s mother.

“It’s not Katie [fighting for the money], even though her name is on the documents. “Katie is 93 years old and long ago gave up any real fight against the estate,” the Jackson insider added. “But some family members have not given up taking action against it [Branca and McClain] Even though Katie still uses the money from the estate to lovingly look after the entire family. But there is this faction that, after 15 years, is still angry because a family member is not in charge.”

Sources told the Post that Bigi’s siblings (front row), Prince Michael and Paris, are supporting his legal battle. They are seen here with grandmother Katherine and aunt Latoya Jackson in 2011. Getty Images

The Post reached out to Bigi and Katherine Jackson’s attorneys, as well as the estate of Michael Jackson.

When asked if there was a consensus about who should control Michael’s money, the Jackson insider laughed: “When has there ever been a consensus here?”

Katherine and Bigi initially united in an attempt to stop Branca and McClain from striking an estimated $600 million deal with Sony Music; The deal, which closed late last year, gave the company 50% control of Michael’s publishing and recording catalog.

Katherine believes the estate should have waited and made more money, while the executors argued they had taken advantage of a red-hot market that could collapse in the future. They also noted that unlike many other catalog deals, Michael’s heirs still retain control of his music.

Bigi rose to fame at the age of eight months when his father dangled him over the balcony of a Berlin hotel in 2002. Getty Images
Michael Jackson affectionately referred to his youngest son, seen here in 2012 at age 10, as “Blanket.” FilmMagic

Earlier this month, a California judge sided with the executors and allowed the transaction to go through.

Now Katherine wants to appeal the judge’s decision, while Bigi is firmly against it. A hearing is scheduled in May to decide whether a judge will order the estate to pay Katherine’s legal debt, which is currently estimated at around $500,000. Bigi believes it is a hopeless venture and that his late father’s money could be better invested elsewhere.

“Bigi has decided not to waste his resources engaging in an appeal process,” his attorneys wrote in court filings. “However, Katherine has decided to appeal this court ruling. This decision does not benefit the heirs.”

Ventures like the Tony-nominated “MJ The Musical” have grown Michael Jackson’s estate to a multibillion-dollar fortune. Getty Images
Myles Frost earned praise for his portrayal of Michael Jackson in ‘MJ The Musical’ AP

The court battle became sensitive at times, and estate lawyers pointed out that Katherine received more than $55 million as trustee – including the estate paying her personal and property taxes, providing 24-hour security and a personal chef . and other benefits.

“Virtually none of Ms. Jackson’s requests for care or support were denied,” probate attorneys argued.

But Katherine’s lawyer, Adam Pines, responded: “…if they say, ‘Oh, we can’t pay this, our hands are tied and the procedural requirements haven’t been met,’ I don’t think that’s fair.”

The Jackson insider said that Bigi and other family members who side with him have praised Branca and McClain for “keeping their eyes on the man” despite a devastating 2019 documentary that unearthed old allegations against Michael Price fixed”.

Attorney John Branca is one of two executors of Michael Jackson’s estate. Getty Images

The superstar has long been dogged by allegations of child sexual abuse and paid millions to settle the claims against him, despite being acquitted on 13 charges.

“Consider that people like R. Kelly and Bill Cosby actually went to prison, and then there’s the ridiculous documentary about Michael [the executors] “We’ve managed to work through and restore Michael’s good name and everyone, young and old, is celebrating him,” the insider said.

The long-time employee added that Katherine’s relationship with Bigi remains nurturing and supportive, saying the matriarch maintains a healthy and loving bond with him and his siblings: “They are Michael’s children, which means they are very favored and valued by Katie become.”

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