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Mysterious plaque about cheating husband sparks new Bansky rumors

The mysterious plaque that has appeared on a bench in Clifton, Bristol - a tribute to 'husband, father, adulterer'

Did someone have the last word? (Image: Tom Wren/SWNS)

When you read a plaque on a bench, it’s usually a nice message about how much someone loved sitting there and admiring the view.

Maybe it contains a short message about how much a loved one will be missed after their death.

But such a plaque has a twist, leaving people wondering if it is real or if it could even be a new work by a local street artist Banksy.

The metal plaque, which can be seen on a bench in Clifton in Bristol, begins as standard: “For my love.” 09/06/69 – 12/25/23′.

But it continues with “Husband, Father, Adulterer” and ends with “Yes, Roger, I knew it.”

The bench was spotted on Royal York Crescent on Friday and appears to be quite shiny and in good condition, suggesting it is new.

The 63-year-old woman who discovered it said: “I must say I found it very funny when I saw it.” Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

The mysterious plaque that has appeared on a bench in Clifton, Bristol - a tribute to 'husband, father, adulterer'.  March 22, 2024. A mysterious plaque has appeared on a bench in Bristol - a tribute to a

Some believe Roger was invented by someone living locally (Image: Tom Wren/SWNS)

Since then, crowds have flocked to see the unusual plaque, with some questioning whether Roger is even real.

Some pointed out that 54-year-old “Roger”‘s birthdate was 69 and his death date was Christmas Day.

The plaque appears to be in good condition, suggesting it is relatively new.

Graffiti artist Banksy, who recently made headlines with a new work in Islington, spray-painted a mural nearby in Bristol city center titled ” Well hung lover of a naked con man hanging from a windowsill.

Rachel Weaver-Tooley, whose balcony apartment overlooks the bench, recounted it the guard She doubted that the plaque was really an act of revenge.

She speculated that it may even have been the work of local provocateur Banksy.

It would be a little different from his usual work, but he doesn’t just use spray paint to create his art.

In 2018, in a stunt called Love is in the Bin, he caused a painting to be shredded shortly after it sold at auction for £1 million.

In 2015, he even created his own “theme park” art installation called Dismaland.

But his works are generally more political, leading others to speculate that this was because of someone who lived nearby.

“There are a lot of pretty eccentric people here,” said neighbor Jason Smith, 53. “There are a lot of novelists and artists who have time.”

“I think it’s someone who lives here and wants to make people talk and laugh.”

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