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Are you not sure what clothes to wear to go out this Monday in New York? The weather forecast for New Yorkers in the following hours marks temperatures that will fluctuate between a maximum of 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32ºC) and a minimum of 73 degrees Fahrenheit (23ºC).. In addition, the thermal sensation, that is, the “real temperature” that New Yorkers will feel will be a maximum of 102ºF (39ºC) and a minimum of 102ºF (39ºC).

Will we have rain? Without a doubt, this may be your next question and we also have an answer for you. According to the forecast, the chance of precipitation is 25% during the day and 15% during the night. Cloudiness, meanwhile, will be 12% during the day and 12% at night.

Wind gusts will reach a maximum of 4.97 mph during the day and 3.73 mph at night, so it is recommended to wear appropriate clothing. During this period of the year, the appearance of the Sun occurs at dawn at 05:39, while it leaves us on the horizon at 20:25. In total, we will have 15 hours of sunshine during the day.

The weather forecast for tomorrow in New York

As for the weather in New York, clouds and clear clouds with storms and rain are expected tomorrow. Temperatures will move between 72 and 88 degrees Fahrenheit (22 and 31ºC). The chances of rain will be 92% in the morning, 77% in the afternoon and 92% at night.

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The weather in New York

New York offers a mainly humid climate, characterized by cold winters and warm summers.. The rains are frequent throughout the year, with storms in summer and snowfall in winter. The proximity of the Atlantic coast contributes to soften the extreme changes of temperature. The coldest months are between December and March, while the hottest are between July and August.

What is the weather like in the United States?

A country as vast as The United States presents very different climates depending on the region and the season of the year.. For example, on the East Coast, the predominant climates are the humid subtropical of the southeastern part of the country and the humid continental further north, specifically, towards latitudes between 40° N and 70° N.

While humid subtropical climate It is characterized by hot and humid summers and cool winters with high rainfall in coastal areas, the Continental weather It presents rainfall throughout the year that transforms into winter and strong storms in the summer months.

There are at least three major predominant climates in the western United States: semi-arid, arid, and Mediterranean.. The cold semi-arid climate spans the west-central and north-south parts of the United States, with low rainfall and low temperatures.

The Southwest has a hot or cold arid climate, with icy winters and somewhat more temperate summers and extremely hot summers and mild winters in the warm. Both have little rainfall due to aridity. The Mediterranean climate is located in the coastal zone of the American west and has rainy, mild winters and dry, hot summers.


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