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Nigel Farage claims Coutts bank account was shut down over his ‘values’


Nigel Farage has claimed his bank account was closed down after Coutts decided his views “do not align with our values”.

The former UKIP leader said last month that the exclusive bank – used by the Royal Family – had written to him to tell him both his personal and business accounts were being closed, and there had been no explanation.

Mr Farage claimed in a video on Twitter this was due to him being a “politically exposed person” or PEP, and that closing his bank accounts was part of a plan to force him out of the UK.

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But both the BBC and Financial Times reported the bank did not want his custom as he did not have enough money in his accounts.

Now, the Brexit campaigner claims to have a 40-page document showing he met the “criteria for commercial retention”, but his views meant they wanted him to leave, ranging from his position on LGBT+ rights through to his friendship with former US president Donald Trump.

Sky News has not seen this document.

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Farage clashes with Coutts bank

Writing in the Telegraph, Mr Farage said: “Between 2014 and 2016, when I first banked with Coutts, no problems ever arose. After Brexit became a reality, everything changed.”

He said the report claimed he was seen as “xenophobic and racist”, repeated claims he was a fascist in his schooldays, and said his previous remarks were “distasteful and appear increasingly out of touch with wider society”.

Taking to social media, Mr Farage added: “I thought the purpose of companies was to return dividends to their shareholders, and in this case that’s you and me… we are the shareholders.

“But they’re more bothered about putting up rainbow flags and being popular at dinner parties in Chelsea than they are about actually making money.”

Sky News has contacted Coutts for a response.


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