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The possible intervention of FIFA through the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) is not a condition for Pedro Rocha’s intention to immediately call presidential elections. These elections would produce a president who would soon have to call new elections for the 2024-2028 Olympic cycle.

The leader of Extremadura, who serves as president of the Administrative Commission that runs the day-to-day operations of the federation, is convinced that the body that governs world football will not take the reins of the RFEF, although the Higher Sports Council (CSD) has Discussions started about it. Government sources said dialogue with FIFA will resume next week. If FIFA intervened, the federation would set up a normalization committee that would dismiss the board, end Rocha’s leadership and call an individual election.

When deciding whether the association needs to deal with the embarrassment of having to intervene, Rocha tries to convey normalcy. This Tuesday he had no reservations about giving a badge to the Spanish internationals who made their debut in this squad (Vivian, Cubarsí and Remiro) and those who played 25 games (Sarabia, Oyarzabal, Laporte and Dani Olmo). to lend.

Rocha behaves as if nothing had happened in an institution where last Wednesday several of its leaders were arrested by members of the UCO as part of Operation Brody. The arrests and landing of the Guardia Civil in the facilities of the Las Rozas association have ruined the image of Spanish football and sport around the world. The president of the CSD, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, warned that it was neither the right time nor the most suitable climate to call elections. Just a week after the scandal, it is time again for Rocha to call for elections in which he wants to present himself as a man of peace and consensus, which LaLiga sees positively after withdrawing the RFEF from the lawsuit against the employers’ agreement . with CVC.

Rocha also defends getting rid of the death rattle of blondism, although he did so when there was no other choice. Shortly after taking over as chairman of the board, and under pressure from the world champions following the scandal surrounding Rubiales’ non-consensual kiss with Jenni Hermoso, Rocha renounced general secretary Andreu Camps, integrity director Miguel García Caba and women’s coach Jorge Vilda and the Communications Director Pablo García Cuervo. Last Thursday he dared to end Tomás González Cueto’s term as Foreign Commissioner of the Federation, but only because of his arrest and his status as an investigator. The head of the legal department, Pedro González Segura, and the head of the human resources department, José Javier Jiménez, were also removed from their positions following their arrest.

Rocha is running for the post of association president as a guarantor of the association’s stability, although he was a loyal chess player of Rubiales when the latter was arguing about everything with LaLiga and its president Javier Tebas. As of 2020, Rocha was appointed President of the Economic Commission by Rubiales; However, he did not hold the Granada leader responsible in 2021 The confidential has discovered the audio files known as Supercopa files. In the aforementioned files, details of the association’s contract and Gerard Piqué’s mission to bring the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia were revealed. Despite everything, the association assures that Rocha has nothing to do with the concession contracts with Gruconsa, whose partner is González Segura’s brother, for the renovation work of La Cartuja. They also intend to remove responsibility from the president for his failure to provide the documents requested by Judge Delia Rodríguez, which led to the triggering of Operation Brody.

Rocha is also convinced that the Sports Administrative Court will not disqualify him because he did not hold elections when he took office as President of the Administrative Commission and exceeded his duties, as the TAD itself has already emphasized.

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