Raquel Leviss Is Required To Return For ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 11 Under Bravo Contract

“Raquel” (now Rachel) Leviss might not have as much negotiating power as was previously implied when it comes to her participation in Vanderpump Rules Season 11.

According to TMZ, Leviss is bound by an existing contract, which requires her to return for the next season of the popular Bravo reality TV series.

An inside source had previously revealed that the star wanted “to get as much money as she possibly can so she is playing hardball” with the network before agreeing to return for Season 11. “For the right price, she will be there,” the insider said.

“She has been under contract … She is just renegotiating possible terms,” now says Leviss’ rep.

Knowing this information, Bravo has the right to decline any proposal from Leviss to increase her rate and she would still have to appear on the show.

There is one caveat, however, as Leviss just left a mental health facility where she stayed for 2 months about a week ago. While TMZ is reporting that she’s doing much better, she could definitely get out of her contract and leave the show if she were able to get a doctor to agree it would compromise her mental health.

The reason Leviss is now going by her government name, Rachel, is because her therapists convinced her to embrace the name as a way to disempower any haters.

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