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Retro gaming is the only thing I like about video games right now – Reader’s Feature

London Gaming Market (Image: London Gaming Market)

The London Gaming Market is a treasure trove for retro gamers (Image: Metro)

A reader reveals why he almost only plays retro Video games after realizing that modern titles weren’t for him anymore.

I have read with interest recent articles about the London Games Market and now plan to visit the one in Birmingham when it takes place. I’ve always enjoyed replaying older games and have several retro consoles and computers (some of them “mini” versions), but I’ve never considered myself much of a retro gamer. However, that started to change over the course of this generation when I realized that new games no longer appealed to me.

I’m not entirely against new games, as I’ve enjoyed Elden Ring and most of Nintendo’s output, but I have no intention of ever playing anything online, let alone a live service game, and I’m increasingly fed up with it 50 hours of narrative adventures with very limited gameplay and often not even that good stories.

I’m a father of three and don’t have much time for games, so older, shorter titles are immediately more appealing on that level alone. But it’s more than just that. The simplicity of older games and lack of padding make them fit my modern lifestyle much better. There’s also a nostalgia factor, but for me that’s a relatively minor part, especially because I like looking for games I’ve never played before.

There is a certain collector mentality in retro gaming, which I also like. Buying rare imports from Japan (I just got a copy of Soukyugurentai on the Saturn) or games that had a limited release in the West (one of my holy grails at the moment is Ninja Cop on the Game Boy Advance) is expensive and difficult, but I think the research is fun and makes you appreciate the games more and understand more about the developer and the format.

For me, owning real physical products is also a joy. I’m not a fan of merchandise and action figures, but looking at my collection of games on my bookshelves gives me a very satisfied feeling, and I’m sure that will be impossible in the near future – with many only available digitally are, this is already the case games.

Compared to just sitting and playing EA Sports FC, I find retro gaming far more stimulating and varied as I look for new games I haven’t tried yet or read through guides to see what games I like already own and thought maybe missed it knew it well. There’s always something, because back then everything worked and nothing was held back as DLC.

I’m worried that I sound like an old dude when I say this, but I really feel that older games are essentially a completely different form of entertainment than modern games. At least the kind of things promoted by most major publishers other than Nintendo.

It’s been a pretty slow progression since the Xbox 360 era, but I see it as the dividing line between the retro and modern eras, and it’s definitely everything before that that interests me the most.

I do make an exception for indie games, even if they are digital only, but most of them are just homages and in those cases I usually like to play the original. If indie games were the type of thing that major publishers released, I would definitely be interested in their releases, but that’s obviously not the case.

I’m not bitter about it. I’m not mad that mainstream gaming no longer suits my preferences, but that’s definitely not the case. Luckily that’s not a problem, not if I just stick with retro games.

From reader Rosebud

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