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Rishi Sunak will “immediately” lift the ban on onshore wind turbines to quell the Conservative uprising

NIMBY rules that allow a single person to block onshore wind farms should be scrapped immediately.

Rishi Sunak is set to compromise with Tory rebels today to quash an imminent uprising over new turbine construction.

Rishi Sunak will lift the de facto ban on onshore wind energy


Rishi Sunak will lift the de facto ban on onshore wind energyPhoto credit: Getty

Ministers will promise to lift the default ban – but only if enough local people support it.

Councils must demonstrate that they have tried to address and listen to the concerns of people who want to block the project in the future. However, they will change the wording of the strict scheduling rules.

And they will have more say in the location of new projects.

Companies can expand and remodel existing wind farms without having to obtain the same permits.

Britons who are close to wind turbines and consent to having them placed in their garden are entitled to cheaper bills, government proposals say.

A number of up to 25 Tory rebels are expected to walk away from enforcing their amendment to the forthcoming Energy Bill if ministers confirm the move today.

No10 and a group of MPs including former climate chief Sir Alok Sharma and former Leveling Up Secretary Simon Clarke have been locked in talks for over a week.

Sir Alok told the BBC this morning: “We have had extensive discussions with the Government.”

“I think it will be very important to see the details of what the government is proposing in terms of their ministerial statement, in terms of what the ministers are saying from the cable box.”

“I hope the government has been listening and is ready to move forward.”

“The current situation is that a single objection can prevent the construction of a wind farm. I mean, that’s clearly not a convenient veto.

“And honestly, I don’t think that’s a sensible way for a scheduling system to work.

“Of course communities should have a say, but the idea that there should only be one objection and you can’t build a wind farm I think is outdated.”

And he warned the Prime Minister that any party that falters on protecting the planet “would pay a heavy price at the ballot box”.

Ministers have long promised to scrap the outdated scheduling rules but have failed to push ahead with the changes.

Mr Sunak had previously promised to keep the de facto ban put in place by David Cameron.

However, after an uprising by his own backbenchers in December, he was forced to change course.

A poll by Britain Remade shows that around two in three Brits would be happy with a wind farm in their area.

Ministers are expected to say a single appeal is not enough to block the bids


Ministers are expected to say a single appeal is not enough to block the bidsPhoto credit: EPA

Last night a government spokesman said the de facto ban would be lifted as soon as possible.

They said, “We will set up a WMS tomorrow to put into effect changes in planning policy related to onshore wind power with immediate effect.”

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“These changes were agreed upon when the Leveling Up and Regeneration Bill was passed. We are very clear that onshore wind power developments should have the approval and benefit of local communities.”

“However, we want the sector to thrive and believe this is an important step forward.”

Climate chief Alok Shama led a conservative uprising


Climate chief Alok Shama led a conservative uprisingCredit: Peter Jordan

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