She went into the water naked and then skipped her flight home. It was the best move she ever made

In our travel recap this week: love stories of missed flights and good connections, the Greek island where the end of the world began, and dramatic new plans for the world’s largest airplane.

Love is in the air

Canadian Bianca Gignac was amazed when she went skinny-dipping in the Cinque Terre with an Italian shipyard worker she had just met. On impulse, she skipped her flight home to be with him. That was 2003 and their journey together It’s not over yet.

In another sunny paradise, the handsome Hawaiian Airlines flight attendant giving instructions to solo traveler Christian Friese at the Honolulu airport flashed through her mind during her trip. Then he took care of her Return flight and life took a new path.

And Guillermo Barrantes was in his mid-40s and on vacation in Palm Springs when he had an affair with a Texas-based flight attendant. But they didn’t just fall in love – Barrantes became a flight attendant to.

Travel destination inspiration

Thanda, a $33,000 per night rate Private island off the coast of Tanzania, comes with some unusual guests. Whale sharks – the largest fish in the sea – are frequent visitors; more than 120 individuals have been identified.

The unique selling point of Patmos, a Greek island in the eastern Aegean, is that the end of the world began here. The Cave of the Apocalypse is the sacred grotto where Saint John is said to have had visions, which he interpreted as the Cave of the Apocalypse Final verdict.

Finally, if you’re into rugged vistas, you’ll find plenty of mountain delights in India, a hiker’s dream destination. Here is an overview of 12 countries in the country most spectacular trailsfrom quick, leisurely hikes to multi-day excursions.

News from heaven

A Texas man was arrested March 17 after allegedly boarding a Delta flight based on a photo he took another passenger’s ticket while they weren’t looking. He tried to hide in the toilets on the crowded plane, but was caught by a flight attendant.

It was an eventful week for the airline. On Tuesday, a 63-year-old Delta pilot was sentenced to 10 months in prison reporting for duty drunk. He had two bottles of Jägermeister in his bag, one of which was open and almost half full.

We are now moving from law breakers to record breakers. Last week Concorde, the world’s fastest airliner, made a rare excursion – floating down New York’s Hudson River on the way back to the Intrepid Museum after a renovation. And designs have been revealed for what that could be largest aircraft ever to fly: the WindRunner cargo ship, which can hold twelve times as much as a 747.

Under lock

In the remains of South Korea’s largest mountain fortress, the country’s only makgeolli master keeps a dying art alive. Yoo Cheong-gil’s family has been making this traditional fermented rice wine for over 500 years special ingredient contributes to creating the unique taste.

On the other side of the world, a 900-year-old fortress holds another juicy secret. London’s most exclusive pub is hidden in the Tower of London. The pub is run by the tower’s 35 Yeomen Warders, better known as the Beefeaters, and only they and their guests are allowed access.

Security is an important consideration for everyone, even those of us who don’t guard ancient recipes or Britain’s crown jewels. That’s why our partners at CNN Underscored, a product review and recommendation guide from CNN, checked it out best portable door locks for added security on your next trip.

Reconstruction of Notre Dame

Before the devastating fire of 2019, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris attracted more visitors than even the Eiffel Tower. CNN’s Richard Quest leaves behind the scenes of restoration work ahead of the landmark’s public reopening in December.

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