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Spanish men’s team expresses their solidarity with the women after Luis Rubiales’ kiss

Spain men’s team captains have expressed their solidarity with the women’s national team after what they call “unacceptable behaviour” by Spanish Football Federation boss Luis Rubiales.

Álvaro Morata, César Azpilicueta, Rodrigo Hernández and Marco Asensio issued a statement on behalf of the entire team, saying the women’s World Cup success had been “tarnished”.

Mr Rubiales has been widely criticized for kissing player Jennifer Hermoso on the lips during the awards ceremony following Spain’s 1-0 win over England in the final of the Women’s World Cup on August 20.

In the statement, the captains say: “Once the national team players are concentrated in Las Rozas, they want to highlight several issues related to the recent events that have damaged the image of Spanish football:

“First of all, we would like to once again convey our pride and our sincerest congratulations to the women’s national team on winning the World Cup in Sydney.”

“A historic milestone steeped in significance that will mark a before and after in Spanish women’s football and inspire many women to an invaluable triumph.”

“For this reason, we would like to feel sorry for and express our solidarity with the players whose success has been tarnished.”

“We wish to reject what we consider to be unacceptable behavior by Mr Rubiales, who has failed to do justice to the institution he represents.”

“We clearly and unequivocally side with the values ​​that sport represents. Spanish football must be an engine of respect, inspiration, inclusion and diversity, and an example of how it behaves on and off the pitch.”

“From today we face a crucial concentration for the future of Spanish football on our way to qualifying for Euro 2024 with two games against Georgia and Cyprus. We would like that from now on we can focus on sporting issues given the relevance of the challenges that lie ahead.”

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“Male managers bear great responsibility”

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The statement from the Spanish men’s team comes days later Mr. Rubiales stepped up his defense of the kiss.

He claimed it was a consensual act (which Hermoso disagrees with), adding, “At no point was there any aggression, in fact there was not the slightest bit of discomfort but an overflowing joy in both of them.”

Mr Rubiales also said he had received support online and on the street.

Also last week, England manager Sarina Wiegman said she was “really hurt” by the crisis in relation to the incident in the Women’s World Cup final, while Mr Rubiales’ uncle was doing so Come out to accuse him of being “obsessed” with women and power.

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Rally calls for the resignation of the Spanish football boss

Meanwhile, a legal body of the Spanish government responsible for sports affairs has launched a formal case against Mr Rubiales.

Spain hope to remove him regardless of a FIFA proceeding that has already provisionally suspended him.

The ruling panel will decide whether he abused his authority by kissing Hermoso or whether he damaged Spain’s image and reputation at a sporting event, as the government claims.

He could be banned from office for two years.

“When the eyes of the world were on our players, his actions have caused damage to our sport and our country that will be difficult to repair,” said Miquel Iceta, Spain’s Acting Minister for Culture and Sport.

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