Spanish soccer president Luis Rubiales is refusing to resign after kissing a soccer star on the lips after winning the World Cup

Spanish Football Federation president Luis Rubiales is refusing to resign despite significant public backlash after he gave football star Jennifer Hermoso a big kiss on the lips after the Spain women’s team won this year’s Women’s World Cup.

The Spanish women’s team defeated the English women 1-0 on August 20 to take home the Women’s World Cup trophy in Spain.

As the team celebrated the victory on the field, Rubiales grabbed the player and gave her a big, passionate kiss.

Rubiales initially apologized for the kiss, but has since retracted it, saying he will not be resigning because of the spontaneous act. In fact, he said it was consensual.

“My desire at that moment was exactly the same as if I had kissed one of my daughters,” Rubiales said on Friday. ESPN reported. “No more and no less. Everyone understands that. It was an impromptu kiss, mutual, euphoric and consensual.”

He also says he asked her for the kiss right on the field.

“The moment Jenni arrived, she picked me up off the floor. We almost fell over. We hugged. I said: ‘Forget the penalty, you were fantastic, we wouldn’t have won the World Cup without you’,” explained Rubiales. “She said, ‘You’re great.’ I said, ‘A kiss?’ and she said, ‘Yes.'”

Hermoso says the kiss surprised her and that she didn’t agree to the smooch.

The translation of Hermoso’s contribution is as follows:

Part 1: “Having achieved one of the most coveted achievements of my sports career and after a few days of reflection, I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to my teammates, fans, followers, media and everyone who made this dream a reality; Your work and your unconditional support were a major factor in winning the World Cup. Based on what happened today. While it is true that for my part I do not wish to interfere in the numerous ongoing legal processes, I feel obliged to denounce that the worlds of Mr. Luis Rubiales, which explain the unfortunate incident, are categorically wrong and part of the manipulative culture that he itself produced. I clarify that the conversation to which Mr. Luis Rubiales referred never took place and that the kiss, let alone, was consensual. At the same time, as I did then, I would like to emphasize once again that I did not like this act.”

Part 2: “The situation shocked me due to the solemn context and over time and after delving a bit deeper into these initial sentiments I feel the need to denounce this act as I think that no human being in any form , social or sporting venues should not fall prey to consensual behavior during this time. I felt vulnerable and the victim of aggression, an impulsive, sexist, out of place act without any consent. I just wasn’t respected. I was asked to come up with a joint statement to ease the pressure on the President, but in those moments my only idea was to enjoy the historic act with my teammates. For this reason, I have informed the RFEF and its individual interlocutors, as well as the media and people close to me, at every moment that I will not make any statement, either individually or collectively, on this matter, as I understand it once I do , I would withdraw even more attention to such a special moment for my teammates and myself.”

Part 3: “Despite my decision, I have to say that I was under constant pressure to make a statement that could justify Mr. Luis Rubiales’ actions. Furthermore, in different ways and through different people, the RFEF pressured my circle (family, friends, teammates, etc.) to make a statement that had little or nothing to do with my feelings. It’s not my job to judge integrity communication practices, but I’m sure that as a world champion national team, we don’t deserve such a manipulative, hostile and controlling culture. This type of incident adds to a long list of situations that [female] Players have repeatedly denounced over the past few years that this act I was involved in is just the drop that runs down the glass for the whole world to see, but shots like this have been part of our team’s day-to-day for years. With this in mind, I would like to reiterate the position I have taken from the beginning, as I have no obligation to support the person who has committed this act against my will without respecting me, in one for me and for women historical moment Sports in this country.”

Part 4: “In no event shall it be my responsibility to bear the consequences of submitting something in which I do not believe and from which I have rejected the pressure received. ZERO TOLERANCE on this behavior. In closing I want to say very clearly: if it is me who expresses these words, then that is all [female] Players from Spain and the world who have given me the strength to make this statement. Faced with this lack of respect and an inability to recognize my mistakes and accept the consequences, I made the decision not to play for the team while those in charge are in charge. Thank you everyone for the messages of support and words of encouragement received. I know I am not alone and thanks to all of you we will move forward more united. I leave this issue to the people of my trust, TMJ and FUTPRO, and they will continue to work on the following steps in light of the latest developments.”

In addition, now also has the Spanish women’s team said that they will not play another game until Rubiales resigns or is removed from office Guardian reported.

While Rubiales has repeatedly stated that he will not resign because of the kiss, the Spanish government is now opening an investigation into the incident and has promised to find a solution quickly.

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