A Texas tourist was paralyzed by the wave on a beach in Mexico and then faced “medical extortion” at the local hospital, an associate claims

A Texas tourist was left paralyzed in Mexico when a wave broke his neck during a dream vacation — and his friend is accusing a local hospital of “medical extortion” for charging thousands of dollars upfront for life-saving treatment.

Jared Hill and his partner Justin Raiford were vacationing in the resort town in February when a wave threw him into the sand and broke three vertebrae in his neck. KHOU reported.

“He was instantly paralyzed and drowning in the water, and I saw it happen and had to run over and pull him out of the water,” Raiford told the outlet.

He ran to Hill’s side and said a manager at her resort told him an ambulance was on the way, but after waiting an hour, he called for help himself.

Jared Hill broke his neck when a wave hit him into the sand at a resort in Mexico. GoFundMe
Jared Hill and his partner Justin Raiford Instagram/@raif_nyc

A full three hours after the horrific accident, Hill finally made it to the hospital in terrible pain.

“They saw the CT scan and said, ‘We can’t take him.’ “He’s going to die if we try to catch him,” Raiford told KHOU.

Two days and three hospitals later, Hill underwent his first surgery in Mexico and was told he would have to pay more than $20,000 out of pocket, according to the outlet.

Raiford told Inside Edition Digital that no one would even get his partner out of the ambulance without a financial agreement.

“Some doctor came and said, ‘We’re not going to get him out of the ambulance unless you pay us $5,000,'” he told the outlet.

Raiford called it “medical blackmail” NewsNation Now reported.

“You’re in a hospital with people you think are there [to] “Help people and save lives, and that didn’t happen,” he told NewsNation Prime about the accident that occurred near Tulum.

The couple accused the hospital of “medical extortion” for demanding thousands of dollars upfront. Instagram/@raif_nyc

Hill has since been transferred to Texas, where he continues to receive care.

“I realize I’m luckier than some other people because … I could come up with the ransom,” Raiford told the outlet.

“Well, how about someone else? “Would their loved one just die?” he said.

Jared Hill is currently undergoing rehab in Texas. Instagram/@raif_nyc

But a NewsNation national security staffer said the practice is not uncommon.

“This is not blackmail. This is not a bribe. “This is how Mexico does business,” Tracy Walder said, adding that Mexico’s national health system provides its citizens and residents with free medical care in government-run hospitals.

“However, there are private hospitals. “The way they do business is they ask for payment upfront,” she told NewsNation, adding that it is “wrong” to expect another country’s health care system to work the same way it does in the United States .

Jared Hill and Justin Raiford pictured before the accident. Instagram/@raif_nyc

Walder said that when planning a trip abroad, people can use the SOS app, which allows users to directly contact emergency services no matter where they are.

A GoFundMe page for Hill has raised over $65,000 as of Tuesday morning.

“On Valentine’s Day, Jared received a life-saving, 12-hour surgery to stabilize his spine and stabilize his condition,” reads a post about the fundraiser.

“Jared is so incredibly strong. “Everyone is amazed at our progress and the little successes we achieve every day,” his partner wrote. GoFundMe

“Thanks to the persistence of doctors, friends and family, and after seven days of intensive care, Jared was successfully evacuated from Mexico to the United States. He is currently in the neurological intensive care unit at Houston Hermann Memorial receiving the best possible care as he prepares for further surgery once his body is stable enough,” the post reads.

Raiford added his own message to the website.

“Jared is so incredibly strong. Everyone is amazed at our progress and the small successes we achieve every day,” he wrote.

“Miracles do happen and we should all remember that and keep that in our hearts as we think of Jared and send him prayers and positive energy,” Raiford added.

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