What Is Brayden’s Deal On ‘The Bachelorette’?


I guess knowing someone’s favorite color doesn’t prove a strong connection after all! I don’t even have a comment on Brayden’s exit because his logic is so nonsensical to me, but I am puzzled that Charity said she saw a forever future with him. Like, blink twice if someone is making you say this, girl, because I just refuse to believe it. Also, Michael made a crazy move on Charity in their 1:1 time when they were being silly and mimicking mating calls, if anyone caught that. Not him going “Can I try a mating call?” and then pulling her in for a kiss. I can’t tell if it’s smooth or corny or what, but I gasped. —Alexandra

OK, LOL, is that what they were doing? I must have zoned out for a moment because I wrote in my notes, “why are they hootie-hooing?????” Brayden’s exit should have happened last week, so this all felt so annoying to watch. Like, girl, you know you can’t see a future with his immature ass. And Brayden, you know you are not going to propose, so stop wasting everybody’s time. I thought Charity “randomly” walking in and noticing their tense moment was funny because like, OK, which producer set this whole ordeal up? I don’t love that Charity seemed to be explaining herself to douchey-Brayden, but I’m glad she finally got the nerve to kick him off. —Erin

Charity asked Brayden what was going on, and his best response was, “I have not been excited since I got here.” Wahhh. Like, OK, you played your villain part and clearly overstayed your welcome. I’m sure the “Bachelorette” producers were already booking his ticket for “Paradise” on his way out.

Also, do we think Sean (who I like!) had packed his Pacific Northwest-vibe scarf or did he just drape a table runner from the lodge around him during this date? —Jill

YES, JILL! It’s so evident. “There’s no optimism in your voice.” LMAO! PLEASE! The way they edited this scene of Brayden being berated by the other suitors! The flashbacks to his previous statements? Exquisite. The smirk on Charity’s face was the icing on the cake because I think she knew, internally, that the sun was setting on this narrative.

Also, y’all, Tanner is kinda….kinda attractive… He was talking during this scene, and I had to do a double take. —Ruth

I’m telling you, people are sleeping on him!! —Alexandra


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