The Cult Religion of Transgenderism: Part I



More and more people, as they learn about what is really involved in the transgender movement, begin to see correlations between it and cult religions. The following are three expert witnesses who have shared their thoughts about this.

Erin Friday

On June 27, I heard an Eagle Forum of California webinar presentation by Erin Friday, a San Francisco Bay Area attorney and a strong, courageous mother who was able to rescue her teenage daughter from the “cult of transgenderism.” She is now serving as the co-director of a parental advocacy group called Our Duty, to try to help other parents free their children from transgenderism.

She is often the key witness in trying to fight the many bills pushing the transgender agenda on the state of California.

Ms. Friday told the story of how it took her a year and a half of hard, unrelenting work to slowly deprogram her daughter who was thinking of herself as being a boy. Fortunately, she succeeded before any sex change operations happened.

Ms. Friday believes the transgender movement can be compared to a religious cult, with the same psychological hold on its followers that a cult has on its members.

Her story is written in an Epoch Times article and also shown in a documentary film at

David Bacon

On the evening of July 9 at a Values Advocacy Council meeting held at the Christian Calvary Church in San Jose, California, I heard a 32-year-old man named David Bacon tell his story.

He lived for seven years as a transgender girl, using the name Lisa. He took hormone replacement therapy for several years. He felt suicidal and lost. He no longer had a close relationship with his parents.

His parents were also at the meeting and later spoke during the question and answer period. They said they could never accept their son as anyone other than David.

The hormones that Mr. Bacon was taking affected his already weakened heart, and he almost died in heart surgery. He decided that something had to change.

He stopped going to the pro-transgender counselor he went to. He started an online course at Hillsdale College; he read books by Jordan Peterson and C.S. Lewis as well as Friedrich Nietzsche’s book “Beyond Good and Evil.”

He read this quote by Nietzsche: “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster.”

That really struck him. Had he created a monster of himself?

He started reading the Bible again. He read Genesis 1:26-27, where it told of God creating the earth and all creatures on it. He learned that God’s crowning creation was mankind and that God created male and female in His likeness. In verse 31, Mr. Bacon read, “God saw all that He made and behold, it was very good.”

He understood that God had created David Bacon as a man in His image and declared His creation to be “very good.” Mr. Bacon did not need to try to change God’s creation. He was “very good” as he was.

He shared with us other scriptures that had helped him to come back to his true self. He is now trying to help other people caught up in this transgender deception to find the truth and the light that he now has.

In the question and answer part, I asked Mr. Bacon if he agreed with Erin Friday that transgenderism is similar to a religious cult. He answered: “Yes, it is very much so. And as a religious cult, there is much brainwashing; it takes a while to try to deprogram a person trying to leave it.”

Candice Jackson

My third expert witness, attorney Candice Jackson, is part of the Jackson Bone LLP with Lauren Adams Bone. Ms. Jackson has a very impressive past. She was the Acting Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights and Deputy General Counsel for the Department of Education. She is also the mother of twin daughters.

She agrees that transgenderism is a religious cult.

On June 19, in a Twitter podcast called “Right Side of History,” she stated: “Gender ideology is comprised of unfalsifiable, pseudo-religious beliefs. Presenting those beliefs to schoolchildren as incontestable fact is a breach of the separation of church and state. If you do this, you are not an educator; you are a proselytizing religious zealot.”

“If you think of gender identity as a collection of tenets or doctrines that require some leap of faith to buy into—it helps explain why people across the board in law and medicine, in education, have been so quick, I think, to subscribe to it,” she added. “And to some degree, it points the way on how to get the gender genie back into the bottle, at least in the legal realm.”

In other words, by proving that this movement is more like a religion, can we possibly get it ruled as unlawful and thrown out of our public schools and universities, since religious instruction is (supposedly) not allowed?

To be continued in Part II.

Views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.


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