Think it’s hot now? It’s about to get even hotter in SoCal


The National Weather Service has extended its excessive heat warning through Saturday for inland areas, deserts and mountains with temperatures expected to top triple digits. 

Above normal temperatures are expected through at least early next week as high pressure remains dominant over the region, according to NWS. Dangerously hot temperatures may return later this week into the weekend for interior areas. 

On Sunday, Death Valley will reach a blistering 128 degrees fahrenheit. 

From Southern California to South Florida, nearly one-third of the population is under heat advisories and warnings with record-breaking temperatures impacting millions of people. 

Phoenix  will experience its 18th day of consistent temperatures at or above 110 degrees. 

Las Vegas is sizzling under triple digit temperatures where emergency rooms are reporting an increase of heat-related illnesses and injuries. 

Miami Dade County issued its first ever heat warning, with temperatures in water that are normally in the 80s rising to the 90s.

Noah Diffenbaugh, Stanford University climate scientist, around the world, people are experiencing the hottest days in recorded history and are likely to experience more severe heat more often. 

“What’s unusual is just how hot the temperatures are reaching in so many places simultaneously,” he said. “And we have very clear evidence that global warming is the primary driver of that increase in the frequency of severe heat, the increase in the co-occurrence of severe heat.”


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