Llama drama: King County deputy herds wayward llama, unblocks traffic


Just when you think you’ve herd it all.

On Saturday, a delivery driver contacted the King County Sheriff’s Office to report a llama standing in the middle of a road near Duvall, the agency said.

The llama was blocking traffic, including the delivery driver, who was unable to deliver a package.

No prob-llama for the Sheriff’s Office.

A deputy responded to the scene and, “using his de-escalation skills and standing just a tad over spitting distance,” coaxed the llama onto a leash and out of the road, the office said.

Soon after, the agency received another call, this time from someone reporting their llama missing.

The llama and the owner were reunited, and the delivery driver was able to deliver the package, “most likely ordered through Llama-zon,” the department said.

Spit happens!


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