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What footage of the Moscow attack tells us how it was carried out?

On Friday evening, a group of armed men carried out an attack on the Crocus City Hall in Krasnogorsk.

The venue, northwest of central Moscow, was partially filled with people ahead of a sold-out concert.

At least 133 people were said to have been killed by Saturday evening.

Videos filmed during the attack help paint a picture of how the attack was carried out.

Attack on Russian concert hall for OSINT
The gunmen probably entered the marked spot

Sky News has determined that the perpetrators likely entered the complex about 130m north of the concert hall foyer.

Footage filmed at the location shows bodies and a series of exterior glass doors through which shots were fired. At least eight people appear to have been killed in this area.

A second video, filmed from an upper hallway, shows the attackers moving toward the entrance to the venue’s foyer. A group of people can be seen trying to take cover to their left.

The gunmen stop to shoot at them at close range. Then they break open a glass door and get into the foyer.

Attack on Russian concert hall for OSINT
The attackers’ path through the concert hall

Attack on Russian concert hall for OSINT
Image: Telegram

Footage taken shortly afterwards shows the gunmen moving south through the foyer. One of the attackers can be seen reloading his weapon while moving.

Videos filmed inside the concert hall itself show large numbers of people trying to escape through the stage and back exits.

Footage apparently taken shortly afterwards shows four gunmen firing on the crowd from a seating area just below the first floor balcony.

Although the footage is not in all cases of suitable quality to accurately distinguish between dead, wounded and otherwise immobilized people, many in the audience appear to have been killed.

As three of the gunmen continue to fire their weapons, one can be seen moving to the south of the room. He leaves the camera, causing something nearby to catch fire.

Fire can briefly be seen at the nearby exit.

Eyewitness statements translated by Sky News provide an additional perspective.

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Moscow survivor describes ordeal

In a video uploaded to Instagram, a survivor recounted the incident: “They broke into the hall – I don’t know who it was, terrorists, military, whoever it was in brown clothes – and started firing automatic rifles at people to shoot.”

“It was set on fire… There’s smoke, there’s smoke rising to the sky.”

Videos reviewed by Sky News suggest this attack was carried out by four gunmen. This matches the number Russian authorities said six other people were arrested in connection with the incident.

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Russia attacks concert hall
The extent of the damage was enormous. Image: AP

Videos from March 23 show the extent of the damage done to the building the night before.

In an image shared by Russian authorities, rescue workers can be seen advancing into the auditorium to the position from which the attackers fired on the crowd.

The entire area was badly damaged by fire and large parts of the venue’s roof collapsed.

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Dozens dead in attack on Moscow concert hall

Since the attack, the Russian government has blamed the perpetrators wanted to flee to Ukraine.

Address to his nation, Wladimir Putin accused the Ukrainian government of complicity and claimed that “on the Ukrainian side a window was prepared for them to cross the border.”

Russia attacks concert hall OSINT piece
Image: Telegram

These claims have not been proven.

Although all of the suspects were reportedly arrested in the southeastern Bryansk region, no evidence has emerged to reliably indicate their intended target.

Russia attacks concert hall OSINT piece
All suspects were reportedly arrested in the southeastern Bryansk region

Since their arrest, footage has emerged that appears to show one of the suspected shooters being tortured by Russian authorities.

A man is seen being held on route E101 in Bryansk Oblast.

A later video shows the same man being led to the main road with visible wounds on the side of his head. Sky News has verified the location of this video.

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