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Wisconsin presents the latest test for Biden and progressives in the Gaza war

As more states held primaries on Tuesday, President Joe Biden faced his latest record with Democratic voters.

As both parties have completed the “contested” portions of the primary season, and Mr. Biden has completed his party’s nomination in the same way as his opponent Donald Trump, attention has shifted to campaigns and a growing protest voting movement focused on progressive opposition to the president’s handling with the war in Gaza.

Tonight the battleground shifted to Wisconsin, a bastion of progressive organizing in the Midwest. It is the latest arena in which supporters of calls for a permanent ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip are urging Democratic voters to vote in their party’s primary “without instruction” – an essentially ceremonial protest vote that nevertheless sends a message Hamas will send Biden’s campaign, one way or another, in terms of his support among key populations.

As polls closed across the state, it was clear that thousands of voters had chosen the “uninformed” option; it chugged along with about 10 percent of the vote. There were no signs of a massive rebellion against Joe Biden, but signs of a lingering sense of discontent were present.

Although there was no organization behind it, Mr. Trump also had to face his own protest vote on Tuesday. More than 20,000 Republican voters voted for Nikki Haley, the last Republican to run against the former president before he secured the GOP nomination in early March. It was a clear message that a significant portion of the former president’s own party remains deeply dissatisfied with their party’s nominee, likely due to his antics in 2020 that led to the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol .

Wisconsin’s vote count tonight has taken on new significance in the last 48 hours with the killing in Gaza of seven aid workers from celebrity chef José Andrés’ humanitarian group World Central Kitchen; The aid convoy was not in a combat zone but was hit by multiple Israeli attacks after their location was reported to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), according to the group. An American citizen was among the aid workers killed. Israeli officials released a statement on Tuesday calling the attack an “accident.”

The state is one of several that Mr. Biden won back from Republicans in 2020 after Donald Trump won there four years earlier. Efforts to build support among “uninformed” voters, which now include 20 locally elected Democratic officials, are focused on the urban areas of Milwaukee and Madison, which are crucial to Mr. Biden’s victory against the former president.

A spokesman for Mr Biden’s National Security Council (NSC) called for an investigation into the killing of the aides in a statement late on Monday. Mr. Biden himself made a more detailed statement on Tuesday after a conversation with Chef José Andrés.

In the state, voters also decided the fate of a Republican Party-led effort to satisfy the concerns of election deniers, a shared belief within the Trump loyalist faction that controls the Republican Party. A proposed state constitution amendment on the ballot would prohibit private groups and individuals from contributing money and other resources to finance electoral processes; Another would add language to the Constitution clarifying that “only legally designated election officials may perform duties in the conduct of primaries, elections, and referendums.” Both passed.

Democrats rejected both amendments, but only verbally; Their opposition to both largely stems from the fact that the two proposed ballot measures both stem from Donald Trump’s ongoing conspiracies and nonsense regarding the 2020 election. This year, a nonprofit with financial ties to tech billionaire Mark Zuckerberg donated money to help some municipalities with election administration in the state of Wisconsin, a project that has faced unprecedented challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Republicans have allowed their supporters to fuel baseless conspiracy theories linking those donations to Mr. Trump’s downfall in the state.

They also argue that language intended to clarify a poll worker’s role and qualifications is intentionally vague and aimed at deterring potential volunteers for the job. But Democrats viewed Tuesday’s referendum as neither a major threat nor a serious problem and did not use political capital to oppose them.

The left has had a strong track record on other ballot measures in recent months, particularly and particularly on constitutional issues surrounding reproductive rights and abortion. The Democrats’ victories have also extended to issues surrounding voting rights, including the passage of Proposition 2 in Michigan in 2022. Tuesday will answer the question of whether the left’s ground position remains strong ahead of what is expected to be an all-important fall election season remains , both at the top and bottom of the ballot.

For Mr. Trump, the next real challenge is not Tuesday but Saturday: The former president will host a major fundraising gala at his Mar-a-Lago estate and resort in Florida, where he hopes to rival or surpass the impressive 26 million US dollars that Mr Biden won after a star-studded event in New York with Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

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